Friday, October 23, 2015

Nancy Drew Halloween Parties Throwback

Nancy Drew Halloween Party Throwback

It's my 7th year throwing my annual Nancy Drew Halloween Party and I though I'd look back at some of my favorite things from past parties...

 Nancy Drew Silhouette Pumpkins

 Turning the porch into the attic from Old Attic

 Combining Nancy Drew & Sleepy Hollow into one spooky story!

 One of my favorite window silhouettes - from Hidden Staircase
 Recreating the staircase from Hidden Staircase
 The spooky Witch Tree from Witch Tree Symbol
 Haunting my pictures and the neat silhouette treat bags

Nancy Drew silhouettes for JOL eyes!

 My Nancy Drew/Skeleton Marionette Silhouette

 A fun picture of Vintage Nancy Drew book pages & the silhouette

 Creating this "haunting" Edward Stratemeyer portrait

My decoupage pumpkin with copies of Nancy Drew endpapers


Phyl said...

Great decorations! I love the decoupage pumpkin!!

jnalpath said...

Love decorations