Saturday, January 23, 2016

Nancy Drew Books & Collectibles to Sleuth for in 2016

Nancy Drew Fans -
Here's Your Handy
Sleuth Sheet for 2016

If you're wondering what's coming out for 2016 or when the annual Nancy Drew Convention is, check out the following books and collectible releases by month for 2016--this Blog will be updated from time to time with new information, so keep it bookmarked or find it under "2016 Nancy Drew Releases" in the Blog labels below right.

Coming Spring 2016: Her Interactive's Codes & Clues

Coming (Fall?) 2016: Her Interactive's Midnight in Salem


THE SLEUTH SHOP - new styles of round cases and cosmetic bags. 

NANCY DREW SLEUTH SHOP AT CAFE PRESS - new graphic styles - Silhouette Word Art & May the Clues Be With You.


Stay Tuned For More Clues.....

MARCH 2016:

CLUE BOOK SERIES: #4 - Big Top Flop

CLUE BOOK SERIES: Boxed set of first 4 books

APRIL 2016:

NANCY DREW CONVENTION: New Orleans, April 20-24

MAY 2016:

NANCY DREW DIARIES: #12 - Sign in the Smoke

PAPERCUTZ: Nancy Drew Diaries #7 (Graphic Novel)

JUNE 2016:

Stay Tuned For More Clues.....

JULY 2016:

CLUE BOOK SERIES: #5 - Movie Madness

AUGUST 2016: 

NANCY DREW DIARIES SERIES: Box set of the first 10 books


NANCY DREW DIARIES: #13 - The Ghost of Grey Fox Inn

PAPERCUTZ: Nancy Drew Diaries Box Set of books 4-6 (Graphic Novels) 


Stay Tuned For More Clues.....


CLUE BOOK SERIES: #6 - Pets on Parade.....

PAPERCUTZ: Nancy Drew Diaries #8 (Graphic Novel)


Stay Tuned For More Clues.....

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nancy Drew Books: Scary Things Kids (& Adults) Do #81

Well, if "X" marks the spot on finding the secret of Shadow Ranch, I'd say Nancy needs the help of the Sky Phantom to sort out this cloudy mystery...

Saturday, January 02, 2016