Monday, January 30, 2006

Nancy Drew Movie Begins Filming Jan. 31st

On the eve of filming commencing for Warner Brothers' Nancy Drew movie, it seems with the news of a few of the actors cast in the movie, that people are already apprehensive at what is to be done with such a popular teen sleuth that everyone has their own vision of. Ever the optimist, I say wait until the movie comes out and keep an open mind! But of course, naysayers always take offense at an optimist as someone who probably never finds fault and cannot accept criticisms. It's not that optimists can't accept criticisms, but the criticisms need to be valid ones to be taken seriously! And what's so ironic is that there is nothing much to even criticize yet--the movie hasn't even been filmed yet LOL!

Saying Nancy Drew's going to be too modern, when the movie is set in modern present day is not a valid criticism. Feeling that Nancy Drew is too young in the movie based on who has been cast might be a valid criticism considering Nancy Drew is 18ish in the books. Being that 16 is such a huge departure from 18 (yes sarcasm), I'm not too worried really. And Nancy was 16 in the original text versions and much more mature as characterized then as she was in later texts. So it's really a toss up.

Seriously folks, as long as Nancy Drew stays tried and true to who she is and what she has always stood for--through every decade and modernization she's gone through since 1930 to present day--this will be a cake walk.

Nancy Drew--whether she was wearing a cloche hat and roaring around in her roadster in the 1930s or a demure deb from the 1960s or snooping in jeans and a T-shirt in the modern books of today--has always been independent, on the go, free to seek adventure, kind to others, strove to right wrongs and seek justice for those who couldn't, always had a smile, was forever an optimist, and always had a mystery to solve with romance on the back burner. No matter the decade, the clothing, the setting--peel away all these layers and as long as Nancy Drew is the same as she has been all these years, she'll still be our Nancy Drew--she'll just look a little like Emma Roberts!

Just had to get that off my shoulders!

Onto other news, I've been debating whether or not I'll be taking the bar exam in AZ in July, but I think due to a few things going on and some consulting I'm working on, that I may just be too distracted in the next few months, so next February is looking a little less stressing at the moment. Not sure, on the fence about that one. Then there is the issue of the upcoming Sleuths' convention this fall. Probably we'll have it in Chicago if the Nancy Drew movie does get released next year. If it gets rushed into production for fall/early winter release this year, we'll be hanging in Hollywood Hills for a movie theme convention. I'll keep everyone posted!


Saturday, January 28, 2006

A Nancy Drew Blog

Fellow Nancy Drew enthusiasts,

I've decided to start a Nancy Drew blog where I can informally chat and post comments related to Nancy Drew collecting and the various books, series, and collectibles. And, anything else that thrills me at the moment.

Last year (2005) was Nancy Drew's 75th anniversary and it was quite a year for fans with two conventions dedicated to Nancy Drew. Lots of new products were introduced on the market from licensees of Nancy Drew owner, Simon & Schuster, Inc. This year should be an interesting one as far as new items go.

Also, the big Warner Brothers movie, Nancy Drew: The Mystery in Hollywood Hills. Filming begins next Tuesday (Jan. 31st.) Cast thus far includes: Max Thieriot as Ned Nickerson, Amy Bruckner as Bess Marvin, Tate Donovan as Carson Drew, Josh Flitter as Corky (a side-kick), Kelly Vitz as Trish, Daniela Monet as Inga. Filming will run through early April and then there will be the usual post production. You'll see the release date stated as 2006 and as 2007 on some sites--most likely it will be 2007, but they haven't determined that for sure.

I welcome your comments--but please, since there are kids viewing the website, keep them clean and sane! Post news as you have it!