Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nancy Drew First Printing Bungalow Mystery Sells for $3383.33!

Recently at eBay, a first printing of The Bungalow Mystery was listed. The seller had a feeling he had something good and e-mailed me about it. I confirmed it was a first printing. The bidding stayed very low up until the last day and then the last 10 seconds when it went from over 200 to close at a price of $3383.33. I warned the seller he'd get a lot of last minute bids. I bid but did not even come close to winning :)

Farah's Guide values this book at 5,000.00 for the dust jacket and 400.00 for the book--those being a dust jacket and book in excellent shape which basically means no flaws. This book has quite a few flaws especially to the front of the dust jacket with a big chunk missing and the water staining/soiling on the spine, so I think the closing price is pretty good.