Friday, April 30, 2010

Nancy Drew 80th Anniversary Edition Old Clock Book

Penguin publishers which publishes the classic Nancy Drew books still today, is celebrating the 80th anniversary of Nancy Drew with the release of a limited edition The Secret of the Old Clock book. It features a cover with the iconic Nancy Drew silhouette--recognized I'm sure by most any Nancy Drew reader.

As part of this special edition, I was asked to create a bonus page of fun facts about Nancy Drew which is located inside the book before the story begins. I was thrilled at the opportunity and I think the edition turned out nicely.

Some of the fun facts include:

1. Edward Stratemeyer created Nancy Drew.

2. Besides blue, Nancy Drew's car has been yellow, green and even maroon.

3. Since 1930, Nancy Drew has solved over 500 cases! Pretty good for an 80-year-old sleuth.

Read more of the fun facts in this special edition!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nancy Drew Turns 80!

Today, Nancy Drew turns 80--well at least the series does as we celebrate the 80th anniversary of Nancy Drew. If we went by her 1930 age of 16, she'd be 96, her 50s+ age of 18, she'd be 98!

Nice milestone for a teenage sleuth! Many girls' series have come and gone since and none have had quite the impact that Nancy Drew has on generations of boys and girls. Aside from her bold plucky ways, her thrilling adventures, and her desire to right wrongs, kids simply loved solving mysteries with her and even emulating her. Inspiring so many generations of kids is a super cool legacy indeed!