Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sonia Sotomayor & Nancy Drew

Boy are my e-mailed Google News Alerts on "Nancy Drew" going gangbusters today! How fun is that!

I don't want to rile up Nancy Drew fans--after all, we come from all kinds of political backgrounds. Democrats and Republicans alike enjoying Nancy Drew equally. Imagine that! Oh yes! In fact, that's why our Nancy Drew Sleuths fan club is so successful and people get along so well--especially at our annual Nancy Drew Conventions! We don't dwell on things that would tend to incite people and divide us! Nancy actually brings us all together. Amen to that sister! Washington DC could learn a thing or two from us!

One of things I love about intrepid teen sleuth Nancy Drew is that she's not partisan, she's not polarizing. She was never about politics, controversial topics, or taboo things. She was very family friendly and a good role model. These were "safe and sane" (A Stratemeyer Syndicate mantra!) children's books after all! So, politics aside, I'll keep this bi-partisan and short and sweet.

Nancy Drew is in the news today. In a big way! And it is exciting to see her there, it always inspires, gets women--and men--to rediscover their childhood heroine, and takes us back on that memorable roadster ride to exciting and thrilling mystery adventures.

President Obama nominated Sonia Sotomayor today for the US Supreme Court. He stated:

"It's my understanding that Judge Sotomayor's interest in the law was sparked as a young girl by reading the Nancy Drew series."

The zeal with which I've seen it reported that Sotomayor read and enjoyed Nancy Drew as a child, is mildly amusing. I've read hundreds of similar articles over the last several years about various attorneys, law enforcement officials, and mystery writers who often cite Nancy Drew as being an influence on their life and career. Justice Ginsberg on the Supreme Court was also a fan. Heck that influenced me going into law! But does Nancy Drew have anything to do with our politics or political views? No, not really. We didn't read her for her politics. There weren't any--and most eight to ten year olds are hardly politically charged.

When you think about the fact that most women read Nancy Drew when they were kids over the last 79 years, that she has influenced us all in some way or another, isn't really surprising or shocking. She's just that popular and good!

One of the great things we learned from Nancy Drew was that it's great to help others. Right wrongs. Be a good role model. Fight for justice for the downtrodden. What's ironic, is that Nancy wouldn't be partisan if she were nominated to the Supreme Court. She'd make the right decisions--EVERY time. She was that near perfect. She'd use logic, deduction, reasoning, and common sense to do what's right. Nancy wouldn't be a judicial activist. She'd interpret the existing law, not make laws! And she'd do it exceedingly well, regardless of politics, lobbying, special interests, or which party nominated her for the high court. In essence, she'd be a politician's nightmare! A real wild card! Someone who actually threw politics aside and did what is right for the people! Imagine that. She'd be the people's heroine for doing so. And she'd be a testament to what everyone on that court should be doing.

But alas, she's fictional. Enter real life. However, my hope is that if Sotomayor really holds Nancy Drew in such high regard as such a huge influence, that maybe she will embody those qualities that Nancy Drew inspired in us. And actually be a trailblazer on that court and make the right decisions regardless of politics on either side of the aisle. That's what I'd like to see happen! Time will tell...


Friday, May 15, 2009

Nancy Drew Convention: Registration Still Open!

There are still 15 slots open to register for the 2009 Nancy Drew Sleuth Convention in Las Vegas: Sept. 30 through Oct. 4! For anyone interested, check out the Sleuths' Convention Website!

Deadline for remaining slots extended to June 15th!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Nancy Drew Name Drop

It happens to every hit show, every quirky to mainstream mystery book at some point or another. It may not have happened to them all yet, but it will. It's that oh so humorous or nostalgic nod to teenage sleuth Nancy Drew. They happen so frequently and so numerously, I've given up trying to keep track--after all Nancy Drew is a pop culture icon. A character either mentions their fondness for Nancy Drew or someone--usually a nosy female--gets referred to as Nancy Drew. Sometimes humorously, sometimes it's to criticize. Notably outside the fictional mystery genre is the Red Sox fielder, J.D. Drew who gets called Nancy Drew when he's being heckled.

What's so funny about being referred to as Nancy Drew--as a means to be critical--is that Nancy Drew was a super power. She was the bomb. She was on top and she always came out the big kahuna in the end. So to refer to someone as Nancy Drew is actually a compliment!

And what is so funny to me about the above philosophizing of the Nancy Drew name drop, is that it was a point driven home recently on the hit ABC show Castle starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic as detective novelist Richard Castle and detective Kate Beckett. It's a hilariously funny and charming mystery show that everyone should see--at least once to try.

In the recent episode 9 airing on Monday, May 4, Castle is being snarky with an FBI agent--they both have a thing for Kate--and Castle presents a theory on the crime that the FBI agent doesn't want to hear.

The FBI agent says to Kate: "Really, Kate...we're gonna waste time on the insights of Nancy Drew here?"

Castle retorts "Is that supposed to be an insult? Because Nancy Drew solved every case!"


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nancy Drew Arts & Crafts #3

How about Nancy Drew barbies?!

I found this image above of Nancy Drew Barbie Dolls that a fan created and had to share. They're cute!

Has anyone else out there created your own Nancy Drew doll?

More Fan Created Barbies:


Nancy Drew Arts & Crafts #2

Ever hosted a Nancy Drew theme party? I've helped a lot of people over the years plan Nancy Drew parties that have e-mailed my website looking for ideas. Can't remember how, but I found this Blog: My Insanity with the cutest Nancy Drew party invites and had it bookmarked to check out again when I got a chance.

Check out the link--there are other neat pictures of items from the party! Through more links you can see pictures of the cake/etc.. Very cute ideas!

I've got quite a selection of party ideas located at the Nancy Drew Sleuths & ND Sleuths Jr. Detective Squad Websites for anyone interested in hosting your own parties!

Costco Connection even featured some of my party ideas in their June 2007 issue!

I've got some more party pics that I've been sent in the past and local AZ Nancy Drew Sleuths are having a party this fall so I'll be sure to add that to the Blog!


Nancy Drew Arts & Crafts #1

Nancy Drew, as iconic as she is, has never had an official paper doll set! That should be rectified. Perhaps we'll see something in the future. But in the meantime, there's a very cute and nifty free download that a Sleuth member pointed me to at Tangarang Blog. So cute!

I've also seen other fan made paper dolls in the past, some listed at eBay. Here's an old set at Paper Doll Review.