Sunday, March 26, 2006

Nancy Drew News & Movie Update

More cast additions:

Robert Merrill as Century Actor
Jared Weber as Henchman #3
Craig Gellis as Thug #1
Chris Kerner as Basketball Player #35
Richie Rayfield as Vintage Movie Film Crew
Thom Williams as Henchman
Joanne Barron as Costumer
Pat Carroll as Landlady
Adam Clark as Sgt. Billings
Christina Leigh as Medical Patient
Ryan Raddatz as Assistant Director

The Sleuth news: We go to a printed version in October--subscriber only format. Lots of fun Nancy Drew stuff in our zine. Check out the details and how to subscribe:

Nancy Drew DVD News: The 1995 TV series is coming to DVD in May: 1st season. You can order it through Amazon Canada.

Nancy Drew Sleuths Convention news: Chicago, IL: Oct. 11-15, 2006. For all the details, sleuth here: