Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Nancy Drew Holiday at Cafe Press

Nancy Drew Holiday 2010 Merchandise at our Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop!

We've added Happy Holidays cards featuring the quaint Polly Bolian Cameo art for The Mystery at the Ski Jump, stockings featuring the silhouette of Nancy Drew and either "Nancy Drew" or "Girl Sleuth", plus all of our ornaments have been imported into that section for easy access--dozens of those featuring all of our various images and silhouettes.

Shop at:


See samples below. Enjoy!


Monday, November 29, 2010

2011 Nancy Drew Convention Merchandise Available!

2011 Nancy Drew Sleuth Convention Merchandise now available in our Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop!

Sleuth Lea Fox has designed another great collage for this year's convention merchandise!

We have four designs available in the Nancy Drew Shop - Nancy Drew Hidden Window Collage and the two Rudy Nappi Hidden Window cover art images plus the neat Cameo edition art by Polly Bolian.

See samples below. Shop here.

These will only be available through May 2011.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nancy Drew Vampire Slayer - Part 1

Papercutz has put out it's latest Nancy Drew Graphic Novels in a new format--larger size--and beginning over again at #1 in a series called "The New Case Files." According to the Papercutz press release, these new novels will deal "with darker, more dangerous and complex mysteries than ever before."

The first in this series is Vampire Slayer written by Stefan Petrucha and Sarah Kinney and illustrated by Sho Murase.

The cover is spooky and depicts Nancy with a bow and an upside down presumed vampire.

The story begins with Nancy, Bess, and George dressed up in costume headed to see a vampire movie--costumes get you in for half price. They take a shortcut through a cemetery and spy a boy dressed as a vampire running--from Togo who is told to get back home. Nancy spots a strange girl at the theater but she takes off. After the movie, the vampire approaches Nancy and tries to ask her out to talk about her detective work and Ned gets jealous.

Nancy proceeds to hang out a lot with Gregor to see if he'll reveal what's troubling him, and Ned begins to get jealous. Bess and George suspect that Gregor is a real vampire. Nancy's nemesis Deirdre Shannon tries to come between Ned and Nancy. Bess and George talk Ned into breaking into Gregor's place to look for clues. Then mayhem ensues and someone who is stalking Gregor shows up in the dramatic ending of part one.

I found this novel entertaining and the art was well done for this style of novel. These follow along with the style and formula of the Nancy Drew Girl Detective series rather than classic Nancy Drew so they're very modern in style and attempt to be hip with today's kids. If you're a fan of the Girl Detective books you'll certainly be a fan of these--in fact these are in some ways better than the Girl Detective series. I'd love to see a graphic novel based on the classic Nancy Drew series which is much more Gothic and suspenseful.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Nancy Drew Cafe press Shop Sale 11-20 - 11-23

Nancy Drew Shop Sale!

WHEN: Nov. 20-23

SAVE: $10 on orders of $50+.

CODE: Friend10

WHERE: www.cafepress.com/nancydrewshop

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Nancy Drew Collectible Computer Game Tin

Just in time for the holidays, Her Interactive is releasing a nifty collectible tin with 3 fan favorite Nancy Drew computer games: Curse of Blackmoor Manor, The Secret of Shadow Ranch, and Treasure in the Royal Tower. There's also a clever journal featuring art from the games.
It's cute and perfect for your collections. Only 5000 are being produced, so it's a very limited item. Get yours now while you can!

Monday, November 01, 2010

AZ Sleuths: Nancy Drew Halloween Party Part 2

Sat. Oct. 30
AZ Sleuths Halloween Party

AZ Sleuths members attending included myself and my mom plus some family and friends and these members: Sherry, Tori, Dede, Judy, Jackie, Arlene, Laura, Beth Marie, and Tina.

Our theme combined the classic Nancy Drew tale, #15 The Haunted Bridge with The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

I set the scene with spooky tree silhouettes on the walls of the porch and a few pumpkins including my Nancy Drew silhouette pumpkins.

A larger scene of trees going up to columns on the edge of the porch and the "haunted bridge" complete with a ghost haunting it at the end.

Spooky Ghost. Brown artist paper was used to make the wood planks, buckets filled with sand held wooden fence posts and rope was stapled between planks.

Mortimer Bartescue/Ichabod Crane's hat and the smashed pumpkin found on the ground near the bridge...

Setting the scene at night--much more spooky!

The Headless Horseman Silhouette

Sleepy Hollow Sign

The gang on the "haunted bridge."

Short Story to Set the Scene

Goody Bags For All

Pumpkins filled with treats

Tootsie Pop Ghost Suckers

Nancy Drew Cupcake Picks

Beth Marie, Tina, and Dede

Costumed in front of the Nancy Drew Collection

The story of Nancy Drew and The Haunted
Bridge of the Headless Horseman

Everyone Reading the Spooky Tale

The Mystery To Solve



The Gift Exchange Table

& Gift Exchange Gifts:

Sherry Picked First--Nancy Drew Decoupaged Book

Book with Treats inside

Nancy Drew Haunted House

Nancy Drew Tin

Nancy Drew Journal

Old Attic Journal

Nancy Drew Trunk

Nancy Drew Basket - The Cat Caper

Nancy Drew Treat Jar

More treats!

The Whole Gang

Goody Bags for the Trick or Treaters
On Halloween

We had a great time--it was pot luck so everyone brought great dishes and snacks, we read the story, did the mystery activity with prizes, and then had our gift exchange.

I enjoyed combining these 2 themes and they worked out well. The setting for Haunted Bridge at a mountain resort with a haunted bridge in the woods meshed well with the setting for Sleepy Hollow and the frightful ride of Ichabod Crane being chased by the Headless Horseman across the bridge.

In our story as you can see from yesterday's Blog entry below, Nancy masqueraded as Katrina Van Tassel, Ned Nickerson as Brom Bones, and Mortimer Bartescue as Ichabod Crane--and the same fateful ride befell Mortimer as it once did Ichabod.