Monday, August 31, 2009

Nancy Drew from Alicia Klein

Check out these awesome products soon to be available from Alicia Klein: Nancy Drew leather accessories for Kindle and business card holders. More items too.
The perfect accessory for reading Nancy Drew books on Kindle!
Featuring book images and quotes about Nancy

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nancy Drew Merchandising Venture

Calling All Nancy Drew Fans!

I wanted to announce some fun news!

Nancy Drew Sleuths has worked out a licensing deal with Simon & Schuster to sell Nancy Drew merchandise all year long--not just at conventions.

Our items include all kinds of merchandise with various Nancy Drew images and logos at Cafe Press. And a line of Vintage Nancy Drew products sold only at my website shop and at the Nancy Drew Sleuths' website. (Official members shop within the "members only" section to get your 15% discount on some of these items.)

The Cafe Press line includes lots of fun items and we'll add new things from time to time. The only thing that is sold for a limited time is the Vegas Convention merchandise only through Oct. 31st. Everything else you can get at any time.

The Vintage Nancy Drew line includes and will be sold indefinitely:

--Nancy Drew charms
--Nancy Drew book journals
--Nancy Drew book handbags
--Nancy Drew Scrapbooking/Scrap items

Shop Links to Order From:

VISIT: Cafe Press

VISIT: The Sleuth Shop

VISIT: Nancy Drew Sleuths

FYI: I'm having a 5.00 ship special at my Nancy Drew website and the Sleuths' website shops through 9-15!

Book Journals and Handbags coming mid-Sept. Scrap items added starting this weekend and updated often.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nancy Drew Prank Call on Phoenix Radio KNIX

My husband listens to various radio programs on the way to work during his commute and he was listening to KNIX this past week. The radio hosts Ben & Matt do a funny segment where they have people e-mail them to set up and prank friends. So someone will e-mail them with a scenario and a person to call and prank. Kind of like being punked.

A friend of one Amanda Wiegle (spelling?), was at her place and found a Nancy Drew book on her bookshelf, The Ghost of Blackwood Hall, and noticed that it was checked out of the library in 1983 but never returned. So she thought it would be funny to have the KNIX hosts call and pretend to be the librarian calling for payment of fines. Funny too that he states the name of the book wrong--as The Ghost of Blackwood Hill instead of "hall."

Anyhow, click here to listen to the prank call. It's pretty amusing and she gets a bit irate at the thought of being asked to pay over $3000.00 in fines when she could just go buy them a new book.

Hey Amanda if you're out there, you should come visit our AZ book discussion group and bring your overdue book!

Too funny!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update: Nancy Drew Event at UC San Diego in August!

The Nancy Drew live event at UCSD is this coming Saturday, August 15. They'll be calling me live during the event for an interview. An article was just published in La Jolla Light about the event.

Hope some of you can make it to the event!


Sleuthing at eBay #16: Where Are All The Vintage Books? Part 2

(Image from Jennifer White's Bonanzle Booth)

I decided to follow up my last "Sleuthing at eBay: Where are All the Vintage Books?" post with a part 2. It's been over 5 months since my last Sleuthing at eBay post. Why so long you may ponder? eBay just isn't what it used to be and I haven't been on there a lot--definitely not as a seller (I've got a booth at Bonanzle now and have my own Sleuth Shop at my website that I sell at.) I am still on eBay as a buyer and it's frustrating as a buyer when the earlier editions are pretty scarce. Especially since those editions (I'm looking for first printings) are the ones that I have held off on acquiring since they're usually more expensive to collect.

When I went through a search by title and not within the description to avoid sets or lots of more than one book, back in March of 2009 I found about 170 vintage books with dust jackets--not including a few book clubs or those common Applewood Books reprints (which are NOT rare FYI!)

Back in March, I noted a trend--that about 95% of those books in dust jacket were being sold by resellers. And I ask again, where's "mom and pop" selling out of their attic? Perhaps with Nancy Drew in the news so much lately and the 80th anniversary next year, we'll see more "mom and pop" sellers rushing to eBay to take advantage of the publicity!

In doing another search here about 5 months later, I've determined that we still have the same problem--some books have a couple extra listed than before, some are the same amount, and some have gone down in numbers but only 171 (one more book than March's search). Still mostly sold by resellers. Still some being sold at crazy prices above and way beyond what Farah's Guide prices them at. More than double in some instances which to me is astronomically too high. Especially now where it's a buyer's market.

And as you can see from the stats below, the 3rd art wrap dust jacket for Lilac Inn is so RARE that now more are listed than were back in March! Go figure :)

Here's a listing by title/keyword and for each cover art dust jacket--the first number is what was listed back in March so you can compare to the 2nd number which is what I found listed on Tuesday, August 11th:


1ADJ: 4 1
2ADJ: 7 6


1ADJ: 1 5
2ADJ: 7 5


1ADJ: 4 1
2ADJ: 6 6


1ADJ: 2 1
2ADJ: 1 3
3ADJ: 1 2


1ADJ: 1 4
2ADJ: 4 4


1ADJ: 3 4
2ADJ: 3 3


1ADJ: 3 4
2ADJ: 1 4


1ADJ: 2 6
2ADJ: 6 6


1ADJ: 2 4
2ADJ: 3 2


1ADJ: 5 2


1ADJ: 2 2
2ADJ: 2 5


1ADJ: 6 10
2ADJ: 0 0


1ADJ: 5 6


1ADJ: 4 5


1ADJ: 4 11


1ADJ: 3 3


1ADJ: 8 2


1ADJ: 4 3


1ADJ: 5 2


1ADJ: 4 5


1ADJ: 4 3


1ADJ: 4 2


1ADJ: 1 2


1ADJ: 3 2


1ADJ: 4 2


1ADJ: 6 3


1ADJ: 6 1


1ADJ: 2 1


1ADJ: 4 1


1ADJ: 4 5


1ADJ: 3 2


1ADJ: 2 4


1ADJ: 2 2


1ADJ: 0 4


DJ: 4 2


DJ: 1 3


DJ: 3 2


DJ: 2 3


Friday, August 07, 2009

2010 Nancy Drew Engagement Calendar Pics/Info

The 2010 Nancy Drew Engagement calendars have arrived at The Sleuth Shop and they're pretty fabulous! They're about 6 1/2" wide by 9 inches tall. Spiral bound. Great color images inside from Nancy Drew covers!

There are 21 Russell H. Tandy Covers plus the Russell Tandy Blue Silhoutte Eps, 12 Bill Gillies covers, and 18 Rudy Nappi covers and lots of little internal images and mystery icons throughout.

Here are some images below of the back cover, inside pages, and the copyright page:


Monday, August 03, 2009

2010 Nancy Drew Engagement Calendar Available!

As George would say, "Hypers! Have you got your 2010 Nancy Drew calendars yet?!"

Nancy Drew 2010 Engagement calendars are now available! Order online at B&N or Amazon or at the Nancy Drew Sleuth Shop online!

They feature 52 classic Nancy Drew covers from Tandy to Gillies to Nappi plus internal illustrations from some of the books. They're awesome!