Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nancy Drew Prank Call on Phoenix Radio KNIX

My husband listens to various radio programs on the way to work during his commute and he was listening to KNIX this past week. The radio hosts Ben & Matt do a funny segment where they have people e-mail them to set up and prank friends. So someone will e-mail them with a scenario and a person to call and prank. Kind of like being punked.

A friend of one Amanda Wiegle (spelling?), was at her place and found a Nancy Drew book on her bookshelf, The Ghost of Blackwood Hall, and noticed that it was checked out of the library in 1983 but never returned. So she thought it would be funny to have the KNIX hosts call and pretend to be the librarian calling for payment of fines. Funny too that he states the name of the book wrong--as The Ghost of Blackwood Hill instead of "hall."

Anyhow, click here to listen to the prank call. It's pretty amusing and she gets a bit irate at the thought of being asked to pay over $3000.00 in fines when she could just go buy them a new book.

Hey Amanda if you're out there, you should come visit our AZ book discussion group and bring your overdue book!

Too funny!


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Anna Eleonor said...

That was fun! I link to your post from my blog.