Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Nancy Drew Ghostwriter Harriet Adams's Bird Haven Farm in Martha Stewart Living Oct. 2017

Nancy Drew Sleuths members visited Bird Haven Farm at our 2015 Mini Con #3 - owners Janet an Wayne were very gracious to let us spend the day there in such a beautiful and tranquil haven. Former owner, Harriet Stratemeyer Adams wrote some of her Nancy Drew books at this farm retreat when she wasn't at home or working at the Syndicate offices. The farm and their annual cider party was featured in the October 2017 issue of Martha Stewart Living and one of the captions notes the Adams/Nancy Drew connection - the red barn image below. The ghost of Harriet is said to haunt the property as well, often sensed in her former writing room (shown below). Janet's Orchard Jewelry has reproduced a vintage key from Harriet's time on the property as a pendant and it's quite lovely.


Saturday, September 02, 2017

Nancy Drew Halloween Party Ideas

Nancy Drew-O-Ween Throwback

Every year I host a Sleuth-tacular Nancy Drew Halloween Party - and as I'm gearing up to put on the Nancy Drew Convention in Maine this October, I'm also planning my 9th annual Nancy Drew Halloween Party we affectionately call Drew-O-Ween. This year my theme is The Mystery of the Tolling Bell, book #23 in the classic Nancy Drew Mystery Stories series. I'm also combining it with witches for a bewitching fete. Tolling Bell is also the theme for this year's convention. I've been pinning ideas for the party at Pinterest.

I wanted to share some of my favorite images from past Nancy Drew Halloween Parties, perhaps they'll inspire you in your decorating and planning this spooky fall! If you're interested in party planning ideas, click this link for past blogs featuring those. Also there are 3 printable party kits in The Sleuth Shop - a Nancy Drew Mystery Party Kit, a Nancy Drew Halloween Party Kit and a Nancy Drew Trick or Treat Printable Kit to make favors for Trick or Treaters. More goodies to host a party can be found in The Sleuth Shop and at Cafe Press -- everything is officially licensed by Nancy Drew Sleuths. Some of our products in The Sleuth Shop were featured in the October 2017 issue of Country Living Magazine - patches and stickers.

 Nancy Drew Silhouette Pumpkins

 Turning the porch into the attic from Old Attic

 Combining Nancy Drew & Sleepy Hollow into one spooky story!

 One of my favorite window silhouettes - from Hidden Staircase

 Recreating the staircase from Hidden Staircase

Nancy Drew Hidden Staircase Party Scene

 The spooky Witch Tree from Witch Tree Symbol

 Haunting my pictures and the neat silhouette treat bags

Nancy Drew silhouettes for JOL eyes!

 My Nancy Drew/Skeleton Marionette Silhouette

 A fun picture of Vintage Nancy Drew book pages & the silhouette

 Creating this "haunting" Edward Stratemeyer portrait

My decoupage pumpkin with copies of Nancy Drew endpapers

Nancy Flying & Sleuthing

Nancy Drew Velvet Mas-CLUE-Rade Party 

Nancy Drew Clue Suspect Gallery

Nancy Drew Velvet Mas-CLUE-Rade Window Silhouette

Nancy Drew Glowing Eye Party Scene

Neat Nancy Drew Book Cover Photo Booth Prop

Scooby Drew Anyone? Nancy Drew Glowing Eye
Meets Scooby Doo Monsters