Monday, April 16, 2007

Too Cute!!!!

Check out the cover of the DVD package for the 4 1930s Warner Brothers Nancy Drew movies! So cute! If you haven't seen the 1930's movies, they're a hoot. Some say they just aren't Nancy Drew, and they are certainly a comic version of the book sleuth, but they are amusing in their own way! A fun part of Nancy Drew's rich history. The DVD set comes out in June. You can pre-order at various websites including
Learn more about the 1930's movies here:

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nancy Drew Movie News & Poster

The 2007 Nancy Drew movie poster is in theaters! And a banner. I went and saw a movie and took some pics--the theater was dark where the poster was lit up so the one of me by the poster is mostly in silhouette. I've updated my movie page at my website with new format styles, lots of stills from the movie, and a few more collectible items:
If you're interested in Nancy Drew and in the Pasadena/Burbank, CA area in June, stop by the Nancy Drew Sleuths' Nancy Drew convention! June 15-16. For more info check it out here:

Tickets are on sale for the general public!