Tuesday, October 20, 2009

2009 Book Hunting for Nancy Drew #4

I headed off to bookhunt at 2 local bookstores today: Book Gallery in Mesa, AZ: 50 W. Main St, and Bookman's on Country Club Dr. also in Mesa. The Sleuths visited these 2 stores at the 2005 Nancy Drew convention. Book Gallery always has a large selection of series books and they know their stuff. I took photos of some interesting items and shelves of various series books--above are Hardy Boys including a lot of UK editions and Tom Swifts, plus various other boys' series books. Book Gallery is having a sale right now--5 books gets you 10% off and it goes up from there, so if you see anything interesting in the pictures, give them a ring: (480) 835-0757. Bookmans didn't have a whole lot this time and I usually walk out of there with at least 1 or 2 items. At Book Gallery, I found a few old picture covers and managed to upgraded my 4th art Broken Locket picture cover 1st printing.

Boys' series began to segue into girls' series in this shelf above. Next to that were the Nancy Drews with some Dana Girls mixed in:

These were mostly blue tweed books with Digger endpapers and blue multi pic endpapers. Then I spotted a lot of yellow spine picture covers--some of these had the original covers, though not many were first printings:

There were also some blue tweeds and some old blue/orange books without dust jackets.

Here are 2 interesting Connie Blair paperbacks:

They have a case where they have some older versions of some of the books or ones that have more value:

3 Kay Tracey Books with the original style of dust jackets:

Lots of Tom Swift books:

UK Hardy Boys picture covers:

Interesting Saalifield boxed set of the Jane Allen series:

Another view of the box:

Was fun, found a few things and will plan another book hunting trip soon in the Phoenix area to some stores I haven't been to in several years--including another location of Book Gallery which always has a lot of series books too.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nancy Drew Silhouette Pumpkin

Nancy Drew Sleuth member Mary G. created this spiffy Nancy Drew silhouette pumpkin for Halloween and we used it on the cover of our latest issue of The Sleuth. I just love it. I'm inspired to create some using faux white pumpkins for The Secret in the Old Attic Halloween Display this year which will mostly be black and white decor with a hint of orange here and there.

I'll be reusing this neat silhouette in the window--from a past year and featured in a past Blog column here.

My attic theme involves bringing out the spooky elements of the Old Attic book including making the front porch into the attic from the book, silhouettes in the windows, and treat sacks filled with candies and Fipp's skeleton from the book and bookmarks. Boys will get Hardy Boys bags with the Skull Mountain theme.

I'm also hosting a Nancy Drew Halloween costume party the night before for local Nancy Drew collectors using the same theme. Will post updates on the party and pictures after the party.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 Bouchercon Mystery Convention Begins!

The 2009 Bouchercon World Mystery Convention has begun in Indianapolis, IN from Oct. 15-18! Sleuth member and author Penny Warner will be at the event, doing a great craft activity! Some of our Nancy Drew Sleuths members are attending as well. Would love a report on how much fun you all have :)

Our Nancy Drew Sleuths fan group is advertising in their program for membership and our 2010 Nancy Drew convention in Florida/Bahamas.


2009 Nancy Drew Convention Wrap Up

Just a couple quick photos from our 2009 Nancy Drew Sleuth convention held in Las Vegas, NV from Sept. 30 - Oct. 4. Was a blast! We had a 70s style Nancy Drew disco Meet & Greet, competed in a Sleuth Survivor challenge at the Valley of Fire (George Tribe above won reward!--Her Interactive Nancy Drew computer games!), walked in Nancy Drew's footsteps, completed a CSI: Nancy Drew mystery game, and held our convention day with speakers, a Nancy Drew scrapbooking event, and a 1940s mystery dinner party complete with Nancy Drew gift exchange. See Sleuth Mary G's cool Nancy Drew bell bottoms below:

If you haven't attended one of these events, you must check out our 2010 convention details! April 2010 for land and a sea cruise--2 separate but run together events for double the fun! Hardy Boys fans invited too! Any Nancy Drew fan can attend--you don't have to be an official Nancy Drew Sleuth member--but you can join us for discounts!