Friday, March 29, 2013

Nancy Drew Fabric Contest - Entry #9 & Recap

Fabric Contest Entry #9
Sleuth Dede's Quilted Hanging

Here are some photos from Dede of the quilted Nancy Drew wall hanging for her Nancy Drew display area.
And here's a recap of this week's entries:

Entry #1 - Julie's Quilt

Entry #2 - Gina's Jacket

Entry #3 - Marcy's Doll & Outfits

Entry #4 - Lea's Travel Bag

Entry #5 - Leone's Purse

Entry #6 - Joan's Bag

Entry #7 - Karen's Chair

Entry #8 - Pam's Lamp

Entry #9 - Dede's Wall Hanging

UPDATE: Have you voted in the Nancy Drew Fabric Contest Poll? I was told that one person who voted, their vote isn't showing up today. I'm not sure why that would be or if this has happened to anyone else. I don't have any way of manipulating or fixing the poll--it's run by Blogger. So it may be a glitch that ends up being fixed at some point. However, if you look at the poll in the upper right--if you've voted, it should show that you have and won't give you the option to re-vote, just the option to change your vote. If it gives you the option to vote, then go ahead and vote again and see if your vote registers like it should. That's my best advice. The poll once you vote counts that you've voted and doesn't allow re-voting, so you can just keep reloading the page and vote again and again--it has that feature to avoid stacking a vote. So if you have voted it should show up. If it doesn't, again, just simply re-vote and that should take care of it.

UPDATE TWO! - I've reset the Poll at the Blog for the Fabric Contest, so please if you've already voted, go re-vote. Takes a second. Apparently there were glitches according to one entrant and her friends who saw their votes disappear and reappear and then disappear again. So, I redid it. Hopefully this fixes it. If not, I'm not sure what to do, there's nothing I can do to fix it. Nor a way to complain that I could find. Nothing in blogger's help area on "polls". So, it is what it is. :( 5 days left to vote :)



jen said...

wow. there are so many talented sleuths out there. Love them all.

jen said...

wow there are a lot of talented sleuths out there. I love them all. great job everyone.