Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Nancy Drew Press Photos

Nancy Drew Photo Collectibles

In recent months I've collected some press photos that I wanted to share here. The one above is a publicity still from the Lucas Films Young Indiana Jones and shows a scene from the episode where Indy's girlfriend is "Nancy Stratemeyer," daughter of the "author of the Nancy Drew mysteries." The episode featured Edward Stratemeyer and Thomas Edison. I loved finding this press photo since I was involved in helping out with the bio documentaries filmed as educational/background material for the DVD release of the Young Indiana Jones Adventures for the Stratemeyer documentary.

This press photo was used for an article on Nancy Drew to show how she had changed through the years.

I was especially happy to get this picture of Harriet Adams--it's wallet sized and features Harriet's signature - this was a press photo the Syndicate sent out to media. When I was at the New York Public Library last October doing research in the Stratemeyer archives, I came across some photos in several folders just like this one used for publicity.

This photo I enjoyed getting too as it was used for the 50th anniversary of Nancy Drew in 1980 and features Harriet posing in front of Syndicate series including Nancy Drew and also shows some foreign editions.

Last but not least, this is a press photo from the Nancy Drew 1995 T.V. Series featuring Tracy Ryan as Nancy Drew. I don't have a lot of items from the 1995 T.V. series, so I'm always happy to find them. What I like about the photo is that it shows Nancy and George sleuthing--Nancy's picking a lock and George is holding a flashlight.



Laura said...

Neither Nancy nor George is looking at what they're doing there! Okay, maybe George wouldn't necessarily have to but the flashlight doesn't seem to be either pointed at the lock or turned on.

Anonymous said...

I have a couple of questions.
1.When is the next web con?(:
2.In my collection of ND books,I have a Whistling Bagpipes book.At the end of the book,after the story is over,the description is reprinted.Once there are no more pages,the first...page..of the story is reprinted on back of the cover.Does that make sense?
If so,would this be considered a misprint?
Please answer!

Jenn said...

Not sure on the Web Cons--we might have one in 2014. That book sounds like a misprint.