Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nancy Drew Fabric Contest - Entry #5

Fabric Contest Entry #5
Sleuth Leone's Nancy Drew Purse

Sleuth Leone created a clever Nancy Drew purse using the Nancy Drew fabric! Here are her notes for the project:

The Nancy Purse is a pattern by Penny Sturgis entitled Baja Traveler. The outside pocket is designed so that the keys to the blue roadster are always readily available to pursue crooks at a moments notice.

The red zipper flower with the Dastardly button is there because Nancy effortlessly makes a fashion statement wherever her adventures take her.

The blue crystals are in each of the magnifying glasses. Swarovski should rename this shade of blue crystals "Nancy Drew Blue" as it is a perfect match. Also, the crystals could come in handy if she is left to die in the desert by unsavory characters...she can use the crystals to signal SOS using the sun so that Ned and Carson can rescue her in the nick of time.

The zipper pull has Nancy's name on it. This works to speed up the capture of evil doers....whenever Nancy is asking for assistance from non River Heights police officers, all they have to do is look down and see her name and suddenly realize that she is the daughter of the renowned Carson Drew and she is to be taken seriously.

 Lots of pockets for her flashlight, magnifying glass and treats for Togo. Judging how often she is thrown in to total darkness when her flashlight batteries fail, there is room for an extra supply.

A secret compartment in the purse bottom to stash cash so whenever there is an opportunity to stop at an inn for luncheon, money won't be a problem....there is always a mystery or a clue in the most unexpected places!  Or perhaps she needs a new pair of sleuthing pumps from Taylor's Department Store in River Heights.



Marcy said...

I love this purse with all its different compartments. I really love the way you used the book fabric inside the purse.

Lea said...

Excellent back story to the purse! And the zipper flower is adorable