Monday, March 25, 2013

Nancy Drew Fabric Contest - Entry #1

Fabric Contest Entry #1
Concept Quilts/Julie 

Sleuth Bill Land received a super fun quilt from his friend Julie and he's entering this into the contest for her--her Blog is Concept Quilts.

Some comments from her Blog post about this quilt:

"To me, Nancy is the most potent source of nostalgia in the universe – my introduction to actual “books” and the world of mystery!... This quilt was made for my friend Bill, a truly loyal Nancy Drew fan, collector, and expert on all things Nancy.  Bill never fails to take the adversities that life unfairly tosses his way and find his own silver linings.  I felt that this deserved some sort of reward...And so... The Mystery of the Charmed Quilt came into being.  Why “Charmed”?  The Nancy Drew squares were purchased as pre-cut 5x5” squares, called “charm squares” according to official quilting terminology.  I went with a white background, and of course, yellow was a given.  It’s the colour I most associate with the covers of the classic Nancy Drew books."

Here are more images of the quilt, for more info on how she put it together, visit her blog.



Marcy said...

Oh my Bill but you are very lucky to receive such a wonderful gift. I love your quilt

Becky said...

Wow!! Bill you're one lucky sleuth :) It's beautiful!!