Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Sleuthpunk Nancy Drew Vintage Style Bathroom Makeover

Nancy Drew "Sleuthpunk"
Bathroom Makeover

Loving the new Moda Nancy Drew Get a Clue Fabric, I decided I wanted to have a shower curtain made from the red silhouette endpapers style. My Mom took off our previous shower curtain which was in abstracts of chocolate browns, rusts, and reds for a template on size and holes for hooks and put together a very simple yet gorgeous shower curtain.

Without having to change out our red rugs, I set upon creating a decor that would go along with the vintage endpapers design in reds, metals, rusts, browns, and blacks so it would have a more masculine air (to please my hubby!) and also have a great vintage style look including what I'm calling "sleuthpunk" vibe. 

Here are some images of the before (the former shower curtain was down when these photos were taken) and then the after look--click on these images to see larger views:

I added a nice large metal vase and filled it with black and red painted and lacquered bamboo which helps break up the long double counter space. I added a neat wire "tricycle" accessory to accommodate Dixie cups and some other brass style items for toothbrushes and a mirror. With the decor on the walls changing quite a bit, I went from horses and sea shells to keys and clocks:

This "steampunk" like set of 3 clocks replaced the seashell wreath I'd made and I think it fills up the wall really nicely.

Before, we had nothing in this large space above and next to this towel bar. Now we have 2 floating metal shelves with interesting decor. I added in cool Nancy Drew Silhouette Bookends (see below) after this photo was taken. There's a magnifying glass in a small vase, an old Jenny style plane, a horse chess piece, a neat little red clock, a vintage style flashlight made of metal and leather, and a neat glass "thermometer" style decorative piece that works like an hour glass with colored red sand inside.

Here's a closeup of the fabric in the curtain - the background is a brighter red and the silhouettes are in a deeper red which really all blends together nicely and makes it less flashy and more muted so it doesn't overtake the rest of the room or decor nor "scream" Nancy Drew too much either.

I really love how it turned out. I found most of these items at Hobby Lobby, the tricycle from JoAnn, and the large vase and the "steampunk" like clock decor came from Wal-Mart. I already had the flashlight and magnifying glass as well as the Nancy Drew bookends so they added nicely to the decor.

The view from inside the shower, from the light glowing behind the curtain makes it a nice red reversed silhouette look and so it makes showering a bit more mysterious ;)

I have one more piece to add to the bathroom when I find the right frame for it--I took The Secret of the Old Clock and artistically rendered it in my graphics program into shades of red to blend in with the decor over by the door.



LuAnn Sgrecci O'Connell said...

Wow, Jenn, this is great! I like that it's subtly Nancy Drew. I've been wondering what your husband thinks of living with you and Nancy Drew. My husband started reading them for light, amusing bedtime reading! He's up to Hollow Oak reading the OT then RT.

Becky said...

Jenn, it looks fantastic!! You did a great job, can't wait to see it :-)

Jenn said...

Thanks :) You're lucky he's reading them, I can't get mine to! Basically the ND doesn't overtake the house here. It's not in the bedroom or the main rooms of the house, just in the formal living room where no one really does anything much. And now just a tiny subtle bit in the bathroom ;)


Jean Marie said...

You did a beautiful job! I LOVE that clock--I feel like that (and the shower curtain) really pull everything together.

The detail is very cool. Lady, you have a knack for this stuff :) Etsy in your future?

Anonymous said...

I really like how you put this together! It captures the feel of Nancy Drew without being overtly about the series, especially for someone who wouldn't recognize the silhouettes.

Jackie Paluszek said...

Nice job with the decorating! :) I'm just curious but where did you get the Nancy Drew bookends?

Jennifer Fisher said...

Jackie - we used to sell these in our Sleuth Shop in the Drewtique but do not anymore. Our Sleuth who supplied them quit having them made up. We havne't found a replacement yet.

Kristin Gould said...

I'm wondering about the Nancy Drew bookends. I can't find them anywhere online. Help!

Jennifer Fisher said...

Kristin, they are no longer for sale--we used to sell them in our shop. We may have more in the future, but not right now, unfortunately.