Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Nancy Drew Vintage Halloween Costume

Nancy Drew Halloween Costume

This is one a great item for me--it's a crossover item from Nancy Drew to Halloween :) I got my costume at eBay a few years back--well more like 8 or 9 it had to be since I had this for the 2004 Today Show shoot back in TX. I remember having to pay quite a bit for it! I haven't seen too many listed since then. Mine came with the box though it's in worn shape. It does have the costume and the mask so that is a plus.

The costume was also sold on a hanger as the one shown below:

I captured this image from an eBay auction, though I was not the winner of it. Would love to own the one on the hanger!

The likeness is supposed to be Pamela Sue Martin on the mask--but it looks pretty creepy don't you think? A more youthful looking PSM is shown on the costume itself.

Keep a look out at eBay--you never know when one will surface and sometimes the Collegeville Costume catalogs featuring it will also be sold.



susied said...

I think the mask with the one looks really creepy - not necessarily in a good way! :)

Didn't realize Nancy Drew had a Halloween costume.

LuAnn Sgrecci O'Connell said...

I remember costumes and boxes like this when I was a kid (about a decade before this show)! I had a pink and blue princess costume and same type of plastic mask with lovely golden hair and pretty face--much nicer than this--and I think I was sick that Halloween and was so bummed I had to lay on the couch and couldn't go trick-or-treating. :(

Mike G said...

Jenn, Any idea whose great book collection that is behind the costume?? Pretty impressive!


Shell in the City said...

Yes..the mask is somewhat creepy..perfect for Halloween..haha!

Jenn said...

@MikeG - I can't remember whose it was--they were selling a lot of books though and their collectibles--other series too--I'm thinking they may have been from FL and it was a woman.