Sunday, October 09, 2011

Nancy Drew Sleuthing at eBay #20

Ending Today at eBay #2

I thought I'd highlight 3 auctions that caught my eye ending today (9th) that some of you may be interested in. The first, shown above, is a set of hardcover Grey Castle editions of the Nancy Drew Files books.

Here's a set of French editions of Nancy Drew where she's Alice! For those of you who collect foreign editions or want to jump in, here's a nice lot of 10 of them!

And this lot features some vintage Nancy Drew blues and some with dust jackets. While these aren't in extra fabulous shape, there are some nice reading copies and some dust jackets would clean up OK in a Mylar protector. Some like to display a set of naked books in their shelves, so if these don't sell too high, it's a nice decorative lot too.



Iggy Skywalker Sama said...

I love how you go into depth on the history and background of the Nancy Drew books! I wouldn't know half of what I do now about them if you didn't. Btw I love your blog!!!!! :P You've inspired me to throw my own Nancy Drew Halloween party.

Lisa K said...

I had forgotten about the alternate cover art for two of the hardcover ND files! It's amazing how different artists re-imagined the same book.

Nancy Lauzon said...

I'm also enjoying the variety of different covers from the different collections. Fabulous!


Jan said...

I'm really liking the in-depth background as well. Since a few of the Nancys I sort of inherited from my mom (she hasn't died, I just took the books!) still have dust jackets I didn't obliterate as a child from reading voraciously, I was wondering where the best places are to get mylar protectors, and what size is needed (or do they just come in a sheet and you cut the size you need)? Thanks! Jan Rader

Jenn said...

@Sarah - that's great! Hope your ND party is lots of fun :) Share pics with me if you want to, would love to see them!

@Jan - you can get them at - I like theirs a lot. You can get them in rolls or already pre-cut.