Monday, October 17, 2011

Nancy Drew Pumpkin Decorating Contest Entry #1

Nancy Drew Pumpkin #1

Entry from: Nancy Lauzon
Medium: Carving

It shows Nancy from the cover of #46, The Invisible Intruder! She's also wearing a beret--a great object for hiding evidence you need to remove from a crime scene (original text Broken Locket). Very clever :)



Lisa K said...

Wow, that is an awesome likeness! Our Sleuths are so creative. :)

MK said...

Is the picture cut right through the pumpkin or just dug into the surface? It looks nice and bright, yet hard to cut!



Shell in the City said...

Hypers! What a great pumpkin!

Nancy Lauzon said...

MK - Yes, the picture is cut through the pumpkin. I think I picked the thickest pumpkin in the patch, because once I cut it open, there was about 2 inches of flesh to cut out first. I used an awl to make small holes to follow the pattern, then an Exacto knife to cut it out.

Thanks for all your comments!


Regina L. said...

Wow, you are super talented! You don't want to know what the pumpkin would look like if I attempted this...It would NOT be pretty!