Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Nancy Drew & Mystery Book Club Party

Nancy Drew in Phyllis Hoffman
Celebrate Halloween

I'm big on Halloween--that's an understatement I suppose--but I do stay up with the trends and what's coming out in the magazines for my party business. Every fall/Halloween magazine I tend to purchase if it's got some good stuff in it for reference and enjoyment. One such magazine is always Phyllis Hoffman's Celebrate Halloween issue--you can get it on stands most anywhere and order it online at her website. She always has some interesting and sometimes unusual party themes. Year before last I think there was a Clue/mystery dinner which was neat. Well imagine my surprise when I was thumbing through this years and spotted the NANCY DREW silhouette and did a double take!

I was delighted to see the Mystery Book Club Dinner Halloween Party theme piece--it featured all kinds of fun mystery theme decor and used the Nancy Drew silhouette on some of the printables. I really almost fell over in the floor when I saw it as you don't see Nancy Drew done like this a lot and since Country Living was doing the Nancy Drew collecting spread, it was so neat to see her show up in two big magazines! Other mystery characters include Miss Marple, Perry Mason, The Hardy Boys, Sherlock Holmes, Nero Wolfe and many other fun ones.

Here some examples of the printables--a bookmark and a match game. You can view all the printables for the party here. The magazine has some great pics of everything put together.



Shell in the City said...

Awesome find. I will look for the magazine! Nancy rocks!

jambob said...

Its almost Halloween...where did this month go!So much fun blogging the Party.

Jan said...

Geez, more cool stuff! I just need to plan a party!
Jan Rader