Monday, October 03, 2011

Nancy Drew Blog Party Day 3 - Nancy Drew Formats 101

Nancy Drew Formats 101

I thought I'd highlight in today's posting a Nancy Drew Formats 101 for you visually see all the various formats of Nancy Drew classic series over the years. You can learn more about Nancy Drew formats and an in depth look at each of the various parts - boards, endpapers, dust jackets, picture covers, illustrations, texts, authors, and collecting and selling tips at my Nancy Drew Website.

Nancy Drew Formats in a Nutshell:

Below you'll find a quick guide to formats for the classic series.

White Spine Dust Jacket Format:

Volumes: 1-22
Dates: 1930 - 1961

Wrap Spine Dust Jacket Format:

Volumes: 1-9, 11, 23-38
Dates: 1946 - 1961

Matte Yellow Spine Picture Cover (YSPC) Format:

Volumes: 1-56
Dates: 1962-1986

Glossy Flashlight Yellow Spine Picture Cover Format:

Volumes: 1-56
Dates: 1986-Present Day



Lena Marsteller said...

I love the pictures in the books!

Todd said...

Hmmm, shouldn't the yellow spine flashlight editions be 1 - 64, since they reprinted the first 8 Wanderers? (And, yes, I'm still very impatiently waiting for them to reprint more! I mean, one per year wouldn't be so bad!)

Jenn said...

No Todd, these formats are just for the classic 1-56 so I don't include those other special reprints in this format 101. They were reprinted as flashlights yes. But I was just covering manly vintage and classic 56. I also similarly don't include the Applewood reprints even though they cover the classics.


Jenn said...

I should add to that I'd like to see more flashlight special set reprints of the paperbacks :) I don't think it will happen though unfortunately.


Kansas Mad Man said...

The blue multiple pictures are my absolute favorite designs. . . but I really think that perhaps Nappi intended they would be cut the way they were in the less common version---with Nancy's head from Lilac Inn slightly centered and larger. . . but they display better, probably, in version two. I've got a couple examples and even version one is cut slightly differently.

Nancy Lauzon said...

Wrap spine dust jackets (a.k.a yellow jackets?) are my favorite, since they're the ones I grew up with. I'm still learning the lingo behind all these collections.


Jenn said...

@Nancy - do you mean yellow spine picture covers? There were no yellow spine dust jackets--at least not for the US versions, I believe there are some UK editions like that.

A picture cover doesn't have a dust jacket, the picture is on the hardcover itself - the dust jacket is a paper wrapper that wraps around a hardcover book for anyone confused about dust wrappers.


Lisa K said...

I've been a collector since 2005, which really hasn't been that long, but I still marvel at the plethora of formats and I always love seeing the cover art from every ND era :)

Kansas Mad Man said...

Could you make the double oval end papers into a poster and sign it for me? :)

Jan said...

I first read earlier white spine dust jacket format with two or three of the wrap spines thrown in. Most of the boards on these were the 1930s orange silhoette, and there might have been some tweed as well. Almost all of the endpapers were the orange silhoettes, but there was one digger book and one Dana girls book. When I started buying my own, they were all the matte yellow spines with the blue picture endpapers.
However, my favorites have always, always been the 1930s blue silhoettes, both on the boards and on the endpapers. And I love the wrap jackets!
Jan Rader