Monday, October 24, 2011

Nancy Drew Blog Party Day 24: Nancy Drew Party Kit

Nancy Drew Party Kit

We're having a blog party so we might as well do it in style right?! Wish you could join me and have some cupcakes and candies and some fun Nancy Drew party favors :)

Our new printable DIY Nancy Drew Party Kit is about to be readied for purchase. It comes with downloadable files and instructions to create invitations, thank yous, labels, cupcake picks, cupcake sleeves, flags, triangle banners with different slogans and images, purse favor boxes, party hats, straw/pencil toppers, silhouette images to use for posters and decorating, style sheets to use as placemats, scrapbooking and other projects, trivia, scavenger hunt activity, and mystery/clues hunt suggestions. Some of these files are customizable where you can change the text like the invites, labels, and flags

It comes in 4 colors - lemon bar, roadster blue, sleuth pink, and mysterious black/white. The black/white images can also be printed on color paper/cardstock of any color to suit your party needs if you want to feature other colors or just one.

With a little tape, glue, scissors, papers, elbow grease and your imagination, you can use our kit to wow at your parties! Embellish to your hearts desire and as far as your imagination takes you.

Vintage props add flair!

Here's snapshot of each file you'll be sent when ordering the set. Once purchased, files are e-mailed to the buyer. Files are for your personal use only. I'm working on specific book themes like The Secret of the Old Clock and The Hidden Staircase too. Many thanks to Sleuth Allison for all her help with the graphic work!



Rachelle21 said...

This party kit looks interesting. I think if I gave parties I would buy one. If the price was right I would get one for my adopted sister as her three boys like Nancy Drew.

Regina L. said...

I would have killed to have a party like this when I was a kid! Wait, tell me it's not too late - I think I could make it work with tapas and "adult beverages"... :)

Shell in the City said...

Cute! Nothing is better than a ND party!!

jambob said...

How adorable and make sure teh party includes recipes from the ND cook book!

Jenn said...

@Regina - it's never too late, you an put the straw toppers onto umbrellas or stirrers :) Martini's anyone?!


Nancy Lauzon said...

This is an amazing kit. I'm seriously going to consider having a Nancy Drew party now that I know all this is available.


Jan said...

This is really, really cool! I just sent the post to my daughter to see what she and my granddaughter think for maybe a birthday party or something. My granddaughter loves Nancy Drew, and she and her best friend were sleuths last year for Halloween! So cute!
Jan Rader

Lindsay said...

Love this party kit! I'm not seeing where I can order it from though?

Jenn said...


Thanks! You can purchase the kit at this page of our website: