Saturday, October 01, 2011

Nancy Drew Blog Party Day 1

Got Clues? Welcome to the Nancy Drew Blog Party!

With the recent Nancy Drew collecting article in Country Living and spooky Halloween coming up, I thought it would be fun to devote a month long blog party to Nancy Drew! Someone suggested I call it Sleuth-O-Ween and that has a catchy ring to it!

A few highlights of what you'll be seeing here all month long include weekly prize giveaways, collecting Nancy Drew postings about formats and tips on collecting, we'll revisit the various decades of classic Nancy Drew, discuss the original and revised versions, highlight some history behind the Nancy Drew series, discuss some books and collectibles, and I'll be discussing some things about how I got into collecting and what projects I've been involved with with some interesting behind the scenes info.

Each day will have a featured blog entry and then a few extras like things we've learned from Nancy Drew, Nancy Drew auctions at eBay, some letters and answers from e-mail that I get, party planning updates leading up to my big annual Nancy Drew Halloween party, and other fun stuff.


Starting next week and for the next four weeks we'll do one spooky Nancy Drew book a week to discuss if you'd like to read along with me! We're also going to have a Nancy Drew pumpkin decorating contest--see blog entry below this one for details!

I'll post a book discussion blog on the following dates and participants can chat in the comments about the book and discuss it:

Oct. 7 - #2 The Hidden Staircase
Oct. 14 - #21 The Secret in the Old Attic
Oct. 25 - #25 The Ghost of Blackwood Hall
Oct. 28 - #33 The Witch Tree Symbol

These are neat spookier mysteries and the fall season makes the perfect setting to read them!


To win a weekly prize here at the Blog, you must comment on the blog entries. Everyone who comments during the week, will be entered into the prize drawing for that week. When you post a comment be sure to include your name so I know who to enter into the drawing. Here's the schedule of prize drawings:

Week 1: Comment Oct. 1-Oct. 7, drawing on Oct. 8
Prize: Nancy Drew Paper Dolls

Week 2: Comment Oct. 8-Oct. 14, drawing on Oct. 15
Prize: Nancy Drew Old Clock Necklace

Week 3: Comment Oct. 15-Oct.21, drawing on Oct. 22
Prize: Leather Nancy Drew Coin Purse

Week 4: Comment Oct. 22-Oct. 28, drawing on Oct. 29
Prize: Nancy Drew Spiral Journal & Button Assortment

Hope you have lots of fun here throughout October!



Jambob said...

Love that you liked the name Sleuth-o-ween...your blog party will be alot of fun....looking forward to it everyday!

Lena Marsteller said...

Hey. Can you enter the giveaway now?

Nancy drew is awesome. I love reading her mysterious adventures.

Lena Marsteller

Jenn said...

Lena--yes you can comment on any post to be entered!


Matthias Smith said...

this sounds like fun! ^.^

Juliet said...

So excited about this! Nancy Drew and Halloween--my two most favorite things!

Troi kett said...

any version on Hidden Staircase ??

Jenn said...

@Troi - yes any version of Staircase is good and you can read both original and revised if you want. Anyone who isn't familiar, the book has an original text of 25 chapters that was revised in 1959 to 20 chapters--the 1950 20 chapter version is what's still in print today though you can pick up the original version at eBay and places where you can find used/vintage books and Applewood Books has reprinted it.


Shell in the City said...

Great posts. Glad you are doing the blog party!! It is going to be fun!

Kara said...

Oh excited! This sounds awesome! Can't wait!! =D

JudyAnne said...

This is great, thank you! Love your blog!

Jan said...

I've been too busy reading the wonderful entries and almost forgot I need to comment! I love this party!
Jan Rader