Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nancy Drew 2011 Halloween Party Planning #4

Nancy Drew Halloween Party -
Decoupage Nancy Drew Pumpkin

I decided to do a crafty Nancy Drew pumpkin for the Nancy Drew Halloween party. Part of my decor is black/white mostly so the multi pic endpapers from the Nancy Drew books worked perfectly. It's kind of got a Toile look to it. I think I'm going to paint the stem black tomorrow once it finishes drying overnight.


I purchased all of these items at Michael's.

Faux pumpkins
Modge Podge
Foam Brush


Set up your table with something the pumpkin (and you) won't stick to--I used plastic. Also, cut out your images first so you'll have them ready to go assembly line once you start. Tip: Take a bowl to set your pumpkin in to work on as this makes it easier to work with. I covered my bowl with some saran wrap to keep the modge podge off it. Another Tip: Have your images printed at the copy shop--so the ink won't bleed as it will on an ink jet printer. If you have some special spray then you can print your own and use the spray to keep the ink from running.

Begin placing your images on the pumpkin--I started out at the bottom and worked my way up. You can brush the pumpkin with modge podge and then place the image but I found it easier to paint it on the bottom of the paper and then apply. I also wore some painters gloves so I wouldn't have to spend half the night scraping modge podge off my hands.

As you work it will go quickly. Sometimes you have to trim things certain ways to make it fit better--I find smaller pieces work better on surfaces like this that aren't flat.

Do about half the pumpkin at one time and then let it dry and then do the other side. I printed images for the earlier version of these endpapers with the 22 little scenes like the blue multi pic endpapers but didn't get a chance to start the second pumpkin.

It was a pretty easy project to do--you can't really mess up this kind of project! I completed mine while watching Dancing with the Stars and Castle with wait times for drying so it wasn't too time consuming.



Troi kett said...

This was totally my idea for the contest, but I didnt have time to put it inot action this weekend. Looks great!
Troi Hackett

Jenn said...

Thanks Troi! I had planned on doing this forever this month and finally broke down and did it last night. I needed something I could do while watching TV so I could multi task and not feel as bad that I'm falling behind my planning schedule.

Tiffany said...

So cool! Just wanted to stop by and say I have enjoyed this month of ND blog postings!

Jenn said...

Thanks Tiffany--glad you've been enjoying it!


Anonymous said...

This is Awesome!

LuAnn Sgrecci O'Connell said...

That came out great, Jenn. You mention having the images printed at a printer--don't they run into copyright issues? When I took photos of Nancy Drew spine and back cover to use for something, Walmart wouldn't print them due to copyright issues, (so I just went to another store where I could print them myself).

I'm going to miss my daily dose of Nancy Drew--thanks so much for doing this blog party!

Jenn said...

LuAnn--I've never run into any trouble--it probably depends on the employee and store--some are more uptight than others. Since you're just copying for personal use, it really shouldn't be an issue.


Nancy Lauzon said...

Jenn, what a cool idea! Very creative!


Jewel Divas said...

You really go all out for halloween don't you!


Corrie said...

Do you think you could make the images avaliable to download on your website? I would love to do something similar for a Nancy Drew Party that I am hosting but I have had a difficult time finding the black and white illustrations from the books. If you have the images as a computer file could you make them a download link on your blog? Thank you, Corrie