Thursday, October 24, 2019

The Jennifer Fisher Collection at the Toledo Public Library

The Mystery of the Slowly Disappearing and Soon to be Missing Nancy Drew Collection? All roads lead to Toledo, OH to the downtown Main Library branch of the Toledo Public Library where my collection is in the process of being shipped and assembled into what will be known as the Mystery Room housing the Jennifer Fisher Nancy Drew Collection. The library recently reopened after a year's closure due to a multi million dollar renovation throughout the building.

Toledo was home for many decades to the original Carolyn Keene, Mildred Wirt Benson, who I'm writing a biography about. Some of the classic Nancy Drew books were written in Toledo and the library is home to a full set of all the books and series she wrote in their Toledo Blade Rare Book Room as well as ephemera related to Benson's life. It's a fitting spot for a Nancy Drew museum display of sorts. I'll have more info on the donation and the collection and the progress of it all in the coming months to post here.


The library has a beautiful Nancy Drew diorama from the first cover to The Secret of the Old Clock and it graces the end of a shelf along with other nearby literary dioramas. They also have the original 1931 Russell H. Tandy artwork to the classic Nancy Drew mystery, The Secret at Shadow Ranch. It hangs among a large gallery art collection around the children's section of original children's book artwork.


The Mystery Wall is a neat interactive element to the children's area and features the Nappi art from The Secret of the Old Clock. My collection is in a 2 room area around the corner from this.


There's a little there now - an overview to put on display for the recent reopening of the library. But the full collection will be installed in the coming months and then programs and an opening of the collection next year for the 90th anniversary of Nancy Drew. 

I wanted to share a little preview of everything so far. I have a lot more boxes to ship off to the library. There's more cabinetry to be installed and interactive pull out drawers to house trinkets and small collectibles. Framed art and posters to be put on the walls.

Eventually the collection will be digitized and it will be open for educational research for scholars and advanced collectors as well as just pure nostalgia and entertainment for more casual fans of all ages. Something for everyone. I can't wait to share more of it as it transforms!


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