Friday, November 20, 2015

The Nancy Drew Mystery Key at Bird Haven Farm

The Mystery Key, a stone farmhouse of ghostly lore, and a nostalgic Nancy Drew Sleuths group all converged in June 2015 when members of The Sleuths visited the ghostly home of a former Nancy Drew ghostwriter, Harriet Stratemeyer Adams

Bird Haven Farm proved to be a delightful adventure for members who toured the home now owned by Janet Mavec and Wayne Nordberg. Hedges, flowering vines, apples and cherries are just some of the delightful things growing at the farm. In the old stone farmhouse shown above, members climbed up to the second floor to view Harriet's old writing room where she wrote some of the Nancy Drew books - her ghost is said to haunt this room, as this is where she passed away in 1984. 

Janet's business, Orchard Jewelry, takes its inspiration from the farm and all of it's inhabitants from the insects to the plants and fruits themselves - even eels. New to her line of jewelry is The Mystery Key -  a replica of a vintage key to a mysterious spot on the farm. As her website notes, "This impeccably designed, rose-colored key is for a woman who dares for something to stump her. She possesses the tenacity to figure out the real mysteries in life. Like which door this hauntingly well designed replica unlocks."

To order the key, you can visit Orchard Jewelry. Use the code ND10 to receive $10.00 off your purchase!

Janet Welcomes NDS to the farm

Delightful Dog & Bone Cookies

Barns on the farm


The Mystery Key 

A View from where Harriet wrote up in her writing room


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