Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nancy Drew Books: Scary Things Kids (& Adults) Do #9

Oh my where to begin! Just listed at eBay in good condtion (?!?!?) is this gem. 3 clues I can discern from this little Jackson Pollock with a pen gone totally awry:

1. Nancy's eyes kind of look like a cross between totally psycho and Where's Waldo's Glasses

2. A Trixie Belden/Judy Bolton/Cherry Ames Fan Must have done this! (Ok, that's a joke/sarcasm people! :-) )

3. Someone is likely to go very postal when they grow up...

Ok, seriously, what child defaces their Nancy Drew book like this? My bet is the little brother is the culprit!



Rebecca said...

The postal pun just made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

Tasha said...

Can you get it off?
I is a real gem. Enduring such
Who would do that???


Nancy Lauzon said...

So sad to see this. Could it be that the book fell off the shelf into the hands of a crayon-wielding toddler, who didn't know any better?? Hope so.

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