Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nancy Drew Events at 2010 Bouchercon Mystery Convention

Sleuth Lea With Her Collection Of
Nancy Drew Foreign Editions

Nancy Drew Sleuths had a booth at the Bouchercon 2010 mystery convention in San Francisco, I was on a Nancy Drew panel along with Penny Warner, Kate White, and Cornelia Read, and there was also a Nancy Drew 80th anniversary party.

I arrived to Oakland airport and Lea picked my mom and I up and gave us a great tour of her fabulous collection! Then a great tour around the San Francisco area including Coit Tower. We also stopped by the Yoda fountain at Lucas Films.

NDS Book Room Tables

Journals & Goodies for Sale

Buttons and Jewelry

Frame Necklaces & Bags

Totes and Bags--they were a hit!

In book #75, The Emerald-Eyed Cat Mystery, Nancy briefly visits San Francisco and goes to a restaurant in Chinatown where she wants to talk to the owner but he plies her with food and then hypnotizes her so she won't remember a thing! Lea, my mom and myself, plus Joanna and author Meredith Cole and her husband ate at Hunan Home's in Chinatown, shared several dishes, and then I tried to "hypnotize" Lea ;)

Bess says yum!

Our last big event was the Nancy Drew 80th anniversary party which was a come-and-go event in foyer of the Hyatt complete with mini cupcakes that Penny made picks for.

Bcon Party Sign

Meredith, Lea, and Joanna in front of Lea's Display

Lea's Nancy Drew Display

Great Foreign Editions!

Some Mysterious Decor

We had a mystery to solve at the party--see if you can solve it. Name one of Nancy Drew's famous cases and the villain she caught from the clues below--I'll post the solution in the comments in the coming days...



mysteryhistorymom said...

The Secret in the Old Attic!:) Lori

Jan Markley said...

That's quite a collection of foreign editions! Love all the pics!

Jenn said...

Yes it's Bushy Trott and The Secret in the Old Attic!