Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nancy Drew Merchandising Venture

Calling All Nancy Drew Fans!

I wanted to announce some fun news!

Nancy Drew Sleuths has worked out a licensing deal with Simon & Schuster to sell Nancy Drew merchandise all year long--not just at conventions.

Our items include all kinds of merchandise with various Nancy Drew images and logos at Cafe Press. And a line of Vintage Nancy Drew products sold only at my website shop and at the Nancy Drew Sleuths' website. (Official members shop within the "members only" section to get your 15% discount on some of these items.)

The Cafe Press line includes lots of fun items and we'll add new things from time to time. The only thing that is sold for a limited time is the Vegas Convention merchandise only through Oct. 31st. Everything else you can get at any time.

The Vintage Nancy Drew line includes and will be sold indefinitely:

--Nancy Drew charms
--Nancy Drew book journals
--Nancy Drew book handbags
--Nancy Drew Scrapbooking/Scrap items

Shop Links to Order From:

VISIT: Cafe Press

VISIT: The Sleuth Shop

VISIT: Nancy Drew Sleuths

FYI: I'm having a 5.00 ship special at my Nancy Drew website and the Sleuths' website shops through 9-15!

Book Journals and Handbags coming mid-Sept. Scrap items added starting this weekend and updated often.



Anna Kittybloggar'n said...

Really cute bag!

Jenn said...

And they're pretty nice and sturdy too, thanks!


Jewel Divas said...

Wow, everything looks great. Saw the necklace pics at the site. Love the colour of the blue freshwater pearls.

You're really going on this business thing aren't you :)


Jenn said...


I like the pearls too, my favorite if the styles!