Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Nancy Drew: The Hidden Staircase

It's rather iconic wouldn't you say! Evocative of spooky secret passageways and a hidden staircase plus a host of hauntings at The Mansion/Twin Elms in which Nancy Drew encountered while solving The Hidden Staircase. A new treasure in my collection. As you can see from the original cover painting above in comparison with the book below, there's quite a bit more to the scene from the wider view of the stairs to the expansive wall/ceiling height are shown and the cobwebs are much clearer. The painting itself is more spooky in person. Rudy Nappi was the illustrator for this particular cover and so many other great Nancy Drew covers as well as Hardy Boys covers too.

Next year marks the 80th anniversary of Nancy Drew and the Nancy Drew Sleuths hopes to have Rudy Nappi as our honored guest at our Florida Land/Bahamas Sea Cruise Convention week!



christina said...

hi jenn, the painting is wonderful! i was wondering if you knew of any place that had posters of the book covers. i can't afford a painting but i can get a poster if available:)

Jenn said...

Popcorn posters has done some Nancy Drew posters that are really fab. I am a retailer of these, check out my Sleuth Shop:

It's in the posters/magnets section.


christina said...

thanks jenn!