Friday, August 22, 2008

Nancy Drew UK Girl Detective Movie Set Update

I received my set of Girl Detective books from the UK.

Not sure if this is a new item or not, but I found a 7 pack set of the UK Girl Detective books along with the Nancy Drew movie novelization all shrinkwrapped together--which I highlighted in a recent Blog entry here.

The back has a card showing the book covers and the movie novelization cover with the blurb, "Now a Major Motion Picture." So this is a neat UK collectible for the movie. The movie novelization has the words novelization as novelisation and word color as colour--keeping in the style of their spelling. So the noveliz(s)ation itself may likely also have things changed within. I'm not opening my shrinkwrapped set, so if anyone has one of these from the UK, maybe you can see if there is a difference inside as well.

I was just happy to get the set of UK Girl Detective books at a good price, but to find it's a movie-tie in collectible is an added bonus!

I've updated my movie section at the website--if you're interested in seeing all of the fun collectibles out there, check it out:


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