Sunday, October 12, 2014

Countdown to Nancy Drew Halloween Party #1 - Skeleton Wreaths

This year's Nancy Drew Halloween party is based on the book The Invisible Intruder. It's book #46 in the classic series and finds Nancy and her chums on a ghost hunting adventure. They end up at a creepy mansion of a skull and shell collector at the end of the adventure and so that creepy mansion serves as the basis for the decorating and party. So, I decided to play up the skeleton theme but keep it classy and have a skeleton frolic of sorts in the outdoor and indoor decorating. 

I started out this weekend by making 4 simple wreaths to hang under our outdoor light fixtures and then created a larger wreath with a bag of "bones", some crepe fringe, wired ribbon and a crow perched on the skull. Creeeeeepy!


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