Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nancy Drew Collectibles from the 1930s Nancy Drew Movies

Nancy Drew 1930s Movie Collectibles

Here's a sampling of some of the 1930s Nancy Drew Warner Brothers movie collectibles out there to collect. Lobby Cards, Posters and other theater items like the lantern slides are very hard to find for these movies. Stills and reproduction lobby cards are more plentiful. Old magazines with movie articles can be found too plus ads like the Lane hope chest ad below featuring Bonita Granville and also making mention she was starring as Nancy Drew. Bonita also "starred" in her own fictional Whitman book--a mystery similar to the Nancys, The Mystery of Star Island. 


If anyone has the lantern slides like these below, contact me, I'd be interested in purchasing them. Lobby cards that are vintage and also posters I'd be most interested in as well.


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