Friday, September 27, 2013

Nancy Drew & The Clue Crew - Show Us How you Drew Contest

Cool Loot for your Collections 
From Papercutz

Show us How You Drew - send in pics of you with your favorite Nancy Drew book -- where do you read Nancy Drew books, do they travel with you, do you read them in exciting and mysterious places? 1 entry per photo submitted for vintage/classic Nancy Drew books and 5 entries per photo submitted with a Nancy Drew Papercutz Graphic Novel! I'll showcase your photos here in the next several weeks and we'll wrap up this contest on Halloween with the prize drawing! E-mail photos to: or post on our Facebook page!

And check out the new Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew graphic novel from Papercutz coming out in October - #3 Enter the Dragon Mystery.

Something like these:


Here's the cool promotional prizes:

Papercutz Poster

Papercutz Decal

Papercutz Totebag


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I really want to enter this!