Monday, October 01, 2012

Nancy Drew Collectibles at eBay

Nancy Drew Purchases at eBay

Here are some other recent finds in the last several months I made at eBay. I wanted to highlight that for collectors like myself, there are still books to find! It's hard though these days to weed through all the stuff listed which usually includes:

Lots of NEW stuff - flashlights/paperbacks & Applewood reprints

Lots of "RARE" stuff which isn't so "RARE"

Lots of computer games and DVDs

Some vintage books and collectibles (not much!)

Of the vintage stuff you see, I'd say probably upwards of 75% or more is from resellers who you're bidding against on vintage books they're not selling, so they can turn around and then resell them to you at higher amounts. Another 5-10% are extremely overpriced Nancy Drew books which keep getting relisted over and over again.

That leaves around 15-20% of actual vintage stuff that "Mom & Pop" are selling. Some of these are for auction, some buy it now prices. These include vintage books with and without the dust jackets, vintage matte yellow spine picture covers, paperbacks from the late 70s/80s and 90s like the digests and the Files/etc., foreign editions, book club editions, library editions, and some collectibles from over the years. Sometimes "Mom & Pop" know what they're selling, sometimes they don't. And because it's become a buyer's market for the most part with some exceptions, you can still get some good deals.

I found - shown above - one of the book/record Kids Stuff items to see if I could upgrade mine and you don't see these too often. I managed to find the 1st printing of the 2nd art for Twisted Candles and also the "hole on the spine" variant for Hidden Staircase. I also collect books that Russell H. Tandy illustrated and finally managed to get The Story of Young Abraham Lincoln which is a neat book!

Best of all, was being able to acquire the first printing of The Whispering Statue. I have always had the first printing book which I had signed by Mildred Wirt Benson, ghostwriter for this 1 and 22 other Nancy Drew books. So I was able to put the dust jacket onto my signed book! I have the duplicate 1st of Whispering Statue listed in The Sleuth Shop.

So, I encourage you to check out eBay as you never know what you'll find or be able to upgrade!


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