Saturday, December 31, 2011

Harriet Stratemeyer Adams Wire Photo

I found this wire photo for sale online when I purchased the recent Bonita Granville/Nancy Drew photos when I searched their archive of photos and wire photos with various names associated with Nancy Drew. This photo of Harriet Adams was used for a NYT piece it appeared. The paper is thinner than usual photo paper with these wire photos.



Teresa said...

Dear Jen,

I am a big Nancy Drew fan.

Last semester, some international friends and I made a murder mystery film inspired by the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys stories, and now we are very excited about sharing it with you. We would appreciate it if you would post it on your Nancy Drew blog, so that the video and the special features related to it (trailer and bloopers) may be seen by other fans. This is the link:

Hope you enjoy our distinctive take on the characters and our original storyline that demonstrates Nancy Drew's international appeal. We are planning to continue making more "Joe & Nancy" mystery films in the future, and we would love to keep in touch with you.



Jenn said...

Thanks Teresa,

Will check out the You Tube video.


Jenn said...


Just posted the video!