Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Book Hunting for Nancy Drew #4

Book Hunting Adventures with Sleuth Gina

Gina came to visit to help with planning on the 2012 Nancy Drew & Sleuth Con Conventions and we spent some time running around book hunting. Above are 4 finds Gina made at Alcuin Books in Scottsdale, AZ.

Here were my overall finds from all the bookstores - Nancy Drew books (format 11 blue 30s silhouette Shadow Ranch and a 1st printing of the 2nd art for Bungalow Mystery), a Dana Girls book, an old flight/stewardess series, Uncle Wiggily book for my mom and Roger Garis's My Father Was Uncle Wiggily plus a first of the Nancy Drew Scrapbook and Mildred Wirt's The Shadow Stone. For Dean I found a Hardy Boys puzzle.

Don't worry Sleuths we left a ton of books for you for next March :-)

Antique Mall finds in Apache Junction, AZ

Gina spots a Cherry Ames

Book Vault in Mesa, AZ

Half-Price Books in Mesa, AZ

A set of 29 Brown Hardy Boys for $40.00

A random find in a paperback exchange bookstore!

Book Gallery in Mesa, AZ - lots of series

UK Hardy Boys spotted

Beverly Gray listing to itself and thick for $30

Gina searches for paperbacks at Bookman's

Alcuin Books has lots of old vintage series with most in dust jacket from Tom Swift to Penny Parker to everything in between!

Book Gallery in Phoenix, AZ had a lot of series as well and these had just arrived to the store!

Lots of early and nicer/pricier ones

Lots more on the shelves in back

Nancy Drew Cameos, White Spines, tons of Judy Boltons and more...

We had a lot of fun and found that there's a nice variety of vintage series just waiting to be discovered in the Phoenix area!



Mike G said...


I'm pretty amazed at the great selection of dust jacketed books in your photos. I went to a used bookstore in St Petersburg today, pretty much the ONLY used bookstore in the area. I didn't find anything too special, but it was nice to be in a used bookstore and remember the smels of old books and the excitement of discovering books I had never seen before. What was your best find??


Jenn said...


It's amazing the selection out here in the Phoenix AZ area--and especially at Book Gallery and Alcuin Books. I think everyone will be excited with the variety at the convention in March.

My best find was either the Shadow Stone in DJ by Mildred Wirt or the 2nd art 1st printing of Bungalow which has eluded me for awhile--the DJ has flaws though so I'll still be looking for an upgrade.

I know what you mean about bookstores and old book smells!


Jennifer said...

I may have had a few good finds here in recent months, but we have nowhere near that kind of selection of series books in stores around here. The photos look like they are from someone's collection! The selection in stores around here is pretty much pathetic and only sporadically does anything show up.

Lisa K said...

Love the pictures!!! I reminded myself that a new antique bookstore opened in the local mall, so will have to go take a peek! :)

Jan said...

I haven't seen any bookstores like that since...well, I've never seen any bookstores like that! What a dream!

Danielle Nothmann said...

Where is this store? When I saw the pictures of the amount of dust jacket Nancy Drew books, I instantly fell in love looking.

Danielle Nothmann said...

Where on earth is this store? When I saw these pictures, I've all of the sudden fell in love with huge selection of Nancy Drew series.

Jenn said...

Stores are in the Mesa/Phoenix area in AZ.