Monday, July 25, 2011

Nancy Drew Altered Art Purse Craft

Nancy Drew Craft Project:

At the local Nancy Drew Sleuths' AZ Sleuths meeting in May of this year, I handed out everyone a Nancy Drew bookbag from the pocketbook mysteries set that I had on hand. I have a huge bag of these with various flaws that keep me from selling them. But they're perfect for a Nancy Drew bag craft activity! We'll be doing one of these at our 12th annual Nancy Drew convention in Phoenix, March 12th. They're very easy to do and embellish and one can be done in about an hour or hour and a half which is perfect for a craft session. So everyone created one for a bag exchange at our July book group meeting at the Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale.

Here's a sample of original bag and finished altered art bag that my mom and I did:

Scrap cardstock was glued onto the bag front and back including the spine using a glue stick. Ribbon was added around the edges using a hot glue gun. Beads were sewn onto the purple ribbon attached inside and also magnifying glass charms. Vintage yellow spine picture covers which had been cut off of books were attached front and back--see above and below:

This bag was created using the actual spines from yellow spine picture covers that were cut up to make spiral bound journals. They needed a new home and were an interesting item to work with for this purse:

Ribbon was used to embellish as was the 1" mini buttons we sell in our Nancy Drew Cafe Press Shop--these buttons ran from front onto the spine and back cover in a line.

Here's everyone with their bags from the exchange--you can see how everyone embellished what existed on the bags with glitter, ribbons, buttons, and charms as well as glued on cutouts:


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