Saturday, January 09, 2010

Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys on Today Show

In honor of the 80th anniversary of Nancy Drew, the Today Show via Al's Book Club for Kids, will be doing a book club segment on the first Nancy Drew book (The Secret of the Old Clock) and the first Hardy Boys book (The Tower Treasure). View the segment (it's near the end of the video) in which they introduce as their next books for the club the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books here.

Typically Al Roker has on a kids' book author who talks to Al and then takes questions from the kids--there are around 5+ kids in the book club that appear in the segments regularly.

Well, being that Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon are not actual authors and since they are focusing on the classic books, none of those ghosts are around anymore! So they are having me on as a fan/expert to talk to the kids about the books.

I'll be flying to NYC at the end of the month. The taping will take place on Friday, January 29th during the Today Show.

I'm really thrilled to be able to go and visit the set and chat with Al and the kids about these timeless classic mystery books!

Hope you all will tune in. They will have video of the segment most likely on the website once it airs.



Jennifer said...

This is very good. Every time a media story like this appears, we get publicity and more people begin to collect the books.

All it takes is a short segment on the news, and some people will be off and running. I watched Oprah Winfrey one day in the summer of 1991, a show about treasures from attics. I thought of the one old Nancy Drew book that I had as a child plus the half a dozen old Trixie Belden books. That was the day my collection began. All it takes is one little thing.

Congrats on your appearance!

Anonymous said...

izmy mom helped me find this blog from your web site in the back of THE LOST TALES OF NANCY DREW book. i can't believe that the nancy drew books was on TV!! So i just wanted to say,"congratulations"!!

p.s im writing a report on nancy drew for my home-schooling so that is why iam on here, for some facts & some researce on her. well i think in having writers block!!!

sincerely, a die hard fan

Jenn said...

Thanks Jennifer! I hope it inspires more fun collectibles to appear at eBay/etc.

Hannah, thank you--glad to see you're writing about Nancy Drew for school, good luck!