Monday, January 11, 2010

365 Days of Nancy Drew Blog Preview 2

Just an update on the first 11 days of my 365 Days of Nancy Drew Blog Party.

So far, here are some topics we've gotten to: We've started discussions on classic Nancy Drew books and have gotten to Old Clock and Hidden Staircase, discussed behind the scenes of Old Clock at the Syndicate, spotlight on Nancy Drew villains, started a project for January--reading/discussing Melanie Rehak's Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her, discussed Bess Marvin, Things We've Learned From Nancy Drew, we've got a trivia contest going on the first 5 classic books for prizes, Nancy Drew 101: Collecting Tips, Nancy Drew's creator Edward Stratemeyer, and we're starting a 4 week Nancy Drew crafting project. Something for everyone.

Come join us and enjoy the nostalgia, read along and discuss the classic Nancy Drew books--we're doing 4 to 5 per month--and much more! :)



Anonymous said...

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Do you know anywhere I can find good cheap-priced merchandise?? I'd appreciate it If you'd comment a link on here....thanks!

p.s looking forward to all your new posts...


Jenn said...

Check out these sites:

Lots of good stuff at these sites:)