Monday, November 09, 2009

Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys Cookie Crisp Mystery Paint Books

I've nearly completed my collection of the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys mystery paint books that came in select boxes of Cookie Crisp cereal. All I need is the Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys and The Visitors From Tomorrow to complete my set! If anyone has one to sell, please contact me:

The set included:

* Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys Meet The Mad Scientist
* Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys And The Secret Cave
* Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys And The Sea Monsters
* Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys And The Eerie Castle
* Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys And The Cursed Jewels
* Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys And The Visitors From Tomorrow

Along with the booklet was a strip of paints that you could use to color them in. This was back in the good old days when most toys came in the box of cereal and you got instant gratification! When you didn't have to send in 400 UPCs from the box plus shipping and handling for some rinky dink toy that probably cost 4 cents to make in China ;)

As a kid, I didn't really eat Cookie Crisp, so apparently I missed this promotion--plus I would have only been around 5 when they were available in 1978 and not into Nancy Drew yet. But I loved (still do!) Cap'n Crunch and all the toys that came in that cereal! View more images of these booklets at my website.

Here's the front of the box:


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jeremygloff said...

I'm so jealous you have the whole set! I want them all!!!! Ironically the only one i DO have is the visitors from tomorrow...but I'm gonna have to hold on to it and hope I can eventually get the rest! Been looking for years for them!!!!