Friday, March 13, 2009

Sleuthing at eBay #14 Today's Listings & Commentary

More eBay commentary on what's up for auction every once in a while to help educate collectors. I'll highlight a few interesting finds just listed today and I have some comments as well!

The amount of vintage Nancy Drew books and collectibles has gone considerably down on eBay the last couple of years--especially lately. If we didn't have so many resellers, I'm not sure if we'd have much there! Ha. So, in weeding through the listings today (March 13) most of which are ending on March 20, there were a lot of modern books, flashlight pcs, and computer games plus movies.

I noted about a dozen matte yellow spine picture covers (YSPCs) listed individually and several lots of these either mixed with newer stuff or Hardy Boys books. There were surprisingly about 30 vintage blue and tweed books listed mostly individually today! So if you're looking for reading copies, like them without dust jackets or for neat decorating displays, check out the "newly listed" items! Books in dust jacket totaled about 18 with some duplicates of cover art on a few books. I didn't see any first printings or really early stuff. Where is it?! That's a mystery!


Item Number: 250389427149


(Ends: Mar. 18, '09) - If you are interested in a signed photo from the 1970s TV series, this is interesting--it was recently signed however and you can view a picture of Pamela Sue Martin as to how she's looking today.

Item Number: 130293629977

Description: Nancy Drew The Mystery of the Brass Bound Trunk Library

(Ends: Mar. 20, '09) - This book is a neat library bound edition for those of you who collect these editions.

Item Number: 140307627309


(Ends: Mar. 20, '09) - The 1934 Fortune magazine issue which features an article on Edward Stratemeyer and the Syndicate. Interesting read. Some myths/legends to story and some misinformation, but it's a very early Syndicate article!

Item Number: 330314314679

Description: 1977 Nancy Drew Lunch Box

(Ends: Mar. 20, '09) - For collectors of the 1970s Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys TV show memorabilia, this is one not to miss! A lunch box featuring Nancy Drew/Pamela Sue Martin's somewhat likeness. It does have wear and is missing the thermos so it shouldn't sell too high.

Item Number: 220377618853

Description: Nancy Drew Cookbook Clues to Good Cooking 1976 HC NICE

(Ends: Mar. 20, '09) - A vintage Nancy Drew Cookbook! These are fun.

Item Number: 370172730944


(Ends: Mar. 20, '09) - If you didn't get the neat bookmark shrink wrapped in book sets of the flashlight pcs sold in recent years, here's your chance!



Jennifer said...

The good stuff is disappearing from eBay. I really noticed it today and tonight for some of the other series books. I am listing a bunch of stuff on Bonanzle, and I'm trying to get a feel for how to price the books.

For instance, I want to know what the current going price is for Connie Blair #11, but I can't find any in the completed auctions except for ones that were grouped with other books. I want to know what to price my Thornton W. Burgess books at, but I can't find any like mine in the completed listings. The same thing happened with Tom Swift, Jr., Cherry Ames, and Judy Bolton. The books are gone from eBay.

Except for two current listings which are bulk lots, my books are gone from eBay. I have decided that eBay is only good for bulk lots. Others must agree, because that is what I noticed tonight. Lots of bulk lots and few single book auctions.

I am also noticing that some books are spiking in price on eBay, no doubt because the buyers are having trouble finding any others.

Jenn said...

Yeah it's a shame that it's all disappearing! I went to a local antique mall today and found a few odds and ends, so was pleasantly surprised! Some red-topped page Nancys, a Cameo of 31 sans dj and the like.

And too funny, but I picked up a copy of Ruby Queens today at the place--no dj but I had thought it was the last so snagged it and my first place to go check would have been eBay to see how it's selling, so I'm in the same boat!

And that could be right--more bids/higher prices for less books which might drive out the books again when people see how they're selling. What a crazy cycle:)