Friday, January 23, 2009

Nancy Drew at Bonanzle - A Spiffy eBay Alternative!

Nancy Drew Collectors:

I'm Blogging about the ever-growing alternative to eBay: Bonanzle! It's actually been a lot of fun to check it out and start a booth there. It reminds me of the early days of eBay when there were not a whole lot of listings of Nancy Drew so you eagerly waited to see what was listed.

They also have a neat freebie option where sellers can give you freebies for purchases! A nice plus is that listing is free! I read about the place on Jennifer White's series book blog (

Earlier today there were over 200 Nancy Drew items listed and it's growing! It's a fixed-price often times negotiable style listing site.

Check out my booth: I will be adding more to the booth as I get time. Also, get a 15% discount through February: use coupon code NDSLEUTHS!



Jennifer said...

I notice that at least one Sleuth, Kathy, has now joined us in listing some books. I also notice an eBay seller who has listed a few of her series books on Bonanzle. More and more stuff is getting listed. Bonanzle is just slightly under 1 million listings, at around 998,000 items. It looks promising!

Jenn said...

Hopefully with the word spread, more of us will turn up there:) At least it provides a nice alternative for now!


Kara said...

I've been looking at places for a little bit cause I wanted to start selling online in *hope* I'll get rid of a few things. Shocker, I've bought duplicates. lol

AND I LOVE that it's free to list. Can you list for a good while or is it limited like Ebay?

Jenn said...

@Kara - you can list for free all the time on Bonanza, you just get charged if something sells--and the items stay in your booth indefinitely, you don't have to relist them--they stay there until they sell or you remove them.