Friday, October 24, 2008

Nancy Drew License Plate!

It's been a loooooooooong time since I posted! Life--and Nancy Drew--have a way of getting in the way of keeping up with this Blog!

A lot of family drama and tragedies, the convention, flying off to Michigan to speak there, and lots of other things like my party company with our major Halloween sales, and here we are again! So, I'm going to start regularly getting back to this and our favorite feature of eBay Sleuthing! Woohoo!

First entry is my new license plate!!!!!!!! It's personalized. Something I've wanted for ***ages*** too! NCYDREW ! I'm including photos.

So if you see me driving around the Phoenix area, honk! But don't give me a flat tire, waylay me or make me take a fake detour!



Anonymous said...


LOVE the license plate and the support the troops magnet! Nancy would support our troops!!!!!!!


Kim said...

That's great. How fun. Now you just need a blue roadster!

Rachel said...

Have you seen this:

Anonymous said...

Awesomeness, Jenn. Happy Birthday and safe driving your Nancy Drew mobile!

Sleuth Janet

Tenacious L said...

Hi Jenn! It's Lisa K...the license plate looks great!! :)

Jenn said...


Yes, I'd love a blue roadster:)

Rachel, thanks for the fauxnancydrew link, I'll check it out.

Thanks Janet, Anne, and Lisa:)


Shell in the City said...

I just LOVE the license plate. Enjoy sleuthing with the new plate on your vehicle!!