Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Birthday Gift: Rudy Nappi Printer's Proof

What does a Nancy Drew fan get for her 35th birthday?! One item is a neat illustration collectible: a printers proof of The Clue in the Old Stagecoach cover signed by the illustrator, Rudy Nappi. This is one of the last printer proofs he had on hand. He has sold several recently at eBay.

What became of the original painting, you may wonder? Rudy donated it to The National Museum of American Illustration located in Newport, Rhode Island. So, stop in if you're ever in Newport for this viewing treat. Here's the original painting:

Check out a press release/photos about the donation and some information on Rudy Nappi:

Now if I could only add to my birthday list, Nancy Drew's fountain of youth! LOL!



Shell in the City said...

What an awesome birthday present! Happy Birthday!! The Carolina Sleuths are still hoping to hang with Rudy again one of these days!

Jenn said...

Thanks:) I hope you guys can work out a meeting with Rudy, that would be so much fun!