Monday, February 11, 2008

Sleuthing for Nancy Drew at eBay #2

More eBay commentary on what's up for auction every once in a while to help educate collectors and--well, have snarky fun too:) So, I'll highlight a few interesting finds, crazy listings, and eBay Nancy Drew flubs and the like. Chime in, in the comments section with your thoughts or questions! Copy the item number and go to and enter it or paste it into the search box to view the following auctions:

(Disclaimer: No offense meant to any seller or bidder/potential bidder--I'm sure you're all lovely people:)...)


Item Number: 140206180858 Description: 13 Nancy Drew HB & PB Some Old Some New
(Ends: Feb. 17, '08) - I'll let the description of the first title speak for itself...;)

Item Number: 360020846553 Description: NANCY DREW #28 1951 BOOK W/ DUSTJACKET! BLUE ENDPAPERS!
(Ends: Feb. 12, '08) - Does anyone else but me remember the days when Nancy Drew books with dust jackets sold much higher?! $9.99 opening bid and no takers. Granted, it's not a first printing, but still, perhaps it will end up in the hands of one of those full sets resellers;)

Item Number: 290204312355 Description: Nancy Drew Applewood Password to Larkspur Lane 1st Ed
(Ends: Feb. 12, '08) - Woohoo, Applewood Reprint going high! Go get a bank loan, they're not going for cheap;) And why is that?! Yes, I know it's a first printing of this title, but still...

Item Number: 330210033071 Description: Nancy Drew Bungalow Mystery - Carolyn Keene 1st HB 1930
(Ends: Feb. 12, '08) - A first printing of a 1930 book in this scarce format going for $32+ dollars and the above Applewood over $40 and counting, something is wrong with this picture...

Item Number: 300196838212 Description: Mysterious Case of Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys, NR!
(Ends: Feb. 12, '08 ) - I would not recommend this book except as a coffee table book for the pictures to look at. Has quite a few errors in it as well...

Item Number: 270210402400 Description: Collectible Nancy Drew Books 1932 ***MUST SEE***!!!!!!!
(Ends: Feb. 15, '08) - Wow, check out the drama in the question/answer section of this auction. Sometimes it's interesting to read these. If you read the auction description it says these are from the 1930s yet the seller lists dates after the books and quite a few are from the 40s and 50s, so maybe I'm missing something...;) Seriously, these are no earlier than 1959 printings, most likely 60's editions, and worth about 6.00 a piece in Farah's Guide without the dust jacket--and that's for excellent condition--remember, flaws devalue.

Item Number: 310022628155 Description: COMPLETE NANCY DREW BOOK SET Vol. 1 - 64 BRAND NEW!!
(Ends: Feb. 16, '08) - Check this out--it appears to have some kind of poster shrinkwrapped on the top of the boxed set featuring the books and titles. Sometimes places like Costco or Sam's sell these sets, so check them out.

Item Number: 110223816483 Description: Velvet Mask Nancy Drew DJ Near FINE-!! BeLLa!Free snowball w every purchase as per special request!
(Ends: Feb. 16, '08) - Well, there's something you don't see every day, a free snowball;) Hope it doesn't come packaged with the book!...


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