Saturday, June 02, 2007

Movie Sleuthing Countdown!

Well fellow sleuths, just a couple of weeks now until the Nancy Drew movie hits theaters (June 15) and the Nancy Drew Sleuths converge on Pasadena, CA for our annual convention! With our snappy blue roadsters and magnifying glasses of course;)

I'm going to attempt in all the craziness of these last two weeks to update this blog with happenings and news each night (also known as the wee hours)!

Convention planning is at a whirlwind but things are finally coming together as they always do at the last. We will most likely have our biggest turn out thus far, this year! If you're in the LA/Pasadena area, come and join us!

If you're lucky enough, your area mall may just have Emma Roberts stop by for a visit--she's making a small number of appearances to promote the Nancy Drew film all around the country. The other day she was in DC and got to meet the First Lady, Laura Bush--they both read to kids from The Secret of the Old Clock. Trivia tidbit: Nancy Drew got to have lunch with the First Lady in the original text of The Mystery of the Ivory Charm.

I've been interviewed for a lot of articles on Nancy Drew and the movie in the last week, so will update when articles start appearing. I'm hoping that the movie will inspire more Nancy Drew readers from today's generation and also inspire older fans to rediscover the books.

I saw Nancy Drew displays in the bookstores today, so she's getting more of a push these days!

More tomorrow!


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Maya said...

I really love Nancy's clothes in the film but I don't know where to get that type of clothing. Does anybody have any suggestions? I also would really love to be able to find a sleuth kit like hers or make one. Thanks!