Monday, October 26, 2015

Nancy Drew Halloween Party & Drew-O-Ween Goody Bags

Nancy Drew Halloween Party 
& Drew-O-Ween Goody Bags

Everyone who registered for the Drew-O-Ween received a Nancy Drew silhouette bag filled with detective and Halloween goodies including spy glasses, a magnifying glass, a bag of candies, a Jack O' Lantern popper and noisemaker, glowing bracelets in Nancy's favorite color blue, a Nancy Dre Old Clock button and key and a yummy white chocolate skeleton.

For the Nancy Drew Halloween Party, we gave out bags tied to our theme - The Clue of the Velvet Mask and Clue. One side featured the masked intruder from the cover and the other was the Clue/fingerprint design. They were filled with a bag of "poisonous" candy, a flashing/light up pumpkin or skull ring, a test tube of Hannah Gruen's Hot Cocoa Mix and a recipe card, a jack o' lantern game, a set of four orange Nancy Drew cards featuring spooky internal illustrations from four of the classic books, and a Velvet Mask button featuring Nancy from the cover.



jnalpath said...

Love your goodie bags! Wish I had been able to attend.

Jane said...

great creative goody bags!

Phyl said...

I love the illustrations printed on colored cards! What a cool idea!